descriptionNDR-based protocol for Winbind (torture tests)
ownerStefan Metzmacher
last changeThu, 10 Jan 2008 19:19:35 +0000 (20:19 +0100)
2008-01-10 Stefan Metzmacheradd simple WINBIND-NDR-GETDCINFO test v4-0-wb-torture
2008-01-10 Stefan Metzmacheradd idl for winbindd_get_dc_info()
2008-01-10 Stefan Metzmacheradd idl for winbindd_get_domain_info()
2008-01-10 Stefan Metzmachermake WINBIND-NDR-PING a benchmark test which runs
2008-01-10 Stefan Metzmacheradd torture test for NDR_WINBIND_PING
2008-01-10 Stefan Metzmacheradd infrastructure for send NDR base winbind requests
2008-01-10 Stefan Metzmacheradd winbind_protocol.idl
2008-01-10 jelmerldb: Build and install python modules when possible. save-diskspace-heads/v4-0
2008-01-10 jelmertdb: Build and install Python bindings when possible.
2008-01-09 gdSome minor cosmetics for pidl samba3 server code.
2008-01-09 gdPrettify samba3 client code a little more.
2008-01-09 abartletLeak less memory into the ldb context.
2008-01-08 gdSome more minor pidl samba3 client cosmetics.
2008-01-08 gdCosmetic fix for pidl generated samba3 client code.
2008-01-08 jelmerasn1: Fix header and some typo's.
2008-01-08 mimirAdd (untested) libnet_rpc_groupdel function.
11 years ago v4-0-wb-torture
11 years ago v4-0-libndr
11 years ago v4-0-build
11 years ago v4-0-libndr-err
11 years ago v4-0-ndr-err
11 years ago v4-0-nss-wrapper