Add a replacement (IPv4 only) implementation of getaddrinfo/freeaddrinfo
[metze/old/v3-2-winbind-ndr.git] / source / lib / replace / replace.h
2007-10-04 jraAdd a replacement (IPv4 only) implementation of getaddr...
2007-10-02 jraFix the interfaces code to detect IPv6 interfaces,...
2007-10-01 jraEnsure we have inet_ntop and inet_pton available in...
2007-09-20 metzemove macro defines to the end of replace.h
2007-09-19 metzesync lib/replace with SAMBA_4_0
2007-08-12 vlendecRemove offsetof macro
2007-08-12 jelmerMake libreplace provide offsetof.
2007-07-10 tridgeupdated old Temple Place FSF addresses to new URL
2007-07-10 tridgeLGPLv3+ conversion for our LGPLv2+ library code
2007-06-06 obnoxActivate rep_pread and rep_pwrite in lib/replace/replace.h.
2007-06-02 metzesync lib/replace with SAMBA_4_0
2007-06-02 metzemove readahead stuff out of libreplace and make it...
2007-05-24 obnoxRedo the change from r22772 I accidentially undid in...
2007-05-24 obnoxAdd defines of RTLD_NOW and RTLD_GLOBAL to replace.h.
2007-05-10 derrell- Still working on the fact that readahead() is not...
2007-04-17 metzemove ZERO_*, ARRAY_SIZE and PTR_DIFF macros into libreplace
2007-04-16 metzemerge from samba4:
2007-04-16 metzemerge from samba4:
2007-04-16 metzemerge from samba4:
2007-04-16 metzemerge from samba4:
2007-04-15 metzemerge from samba4:
2007-04-15 metzemerge from samba4:
2007-01-15 metzesync lib/replace with samba4
2006-10-11 metzemove the NO_CONFIG_H check to libreplace
2006-10-02 metzemerge missing stuff from samba4:
2006-09-29 metze- make more usage of PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE()
2006-09-29 vlendecFix bug 4133 -- Thanks to Olaf Flebbe
2006-09-24 tridgemerge lib/replace changes from samba4
2006-09-21 metzehopefully fix the BOOL bug on AIX
2006-09-19 metzedefine the macros even if we don't define bool ourself
2006-09-19 metzefix the build on Tru64
2006-09-19 metzetry to fix the build on solaris 10 and maybe some other...
2006-09-18 metzethe PRINTF_ATTRIUTE() macro is provided by libreplace
2006-09-18 metzebring in libreplace in lib/replace