add idl for winbindd_get_domain_info()
[metze/old/v3-2-winbind-ndr.git] / WHATSNEW.txt
2007-07-09 jerrySet template release note files
2005-01-25 jerry5000th post! w00tsvn diffsvn diff :-)
2005-01-19 idrado not keep outdated files here.
2005-01-19 idraCorrect my name.
2004-09-09 jhtCopied from SAMBA_3_RELEASE 3.0.7 branch.
2004-05-10 jerrypulling in release notes from 3.0.4 and getting ready...
2004-04-20 jerryupdating release notes
2004-04-18 vlendecmention net rpc group delete
2004-04-07 jerryadding some recent checkins to commit list
2004-04-06 jerrybumping version to 3.0.3pre3
2004-04-05 jerry* importing .cvsignore files
2004-04-05 jerryrelease notes for 3.0.3pre2
2004-04-04 CVSINmerge in the SAMBA_3_0 branch from cvs
2004-04-04 CVSINimport HEAD into svn+ssh://