return if there's no mode change and no content change
[metze/old/samba4-sync/samba4-sync.scripts/.git] /
2007-12-01 Stefan Metzmacherignore property only changes for now...
2007-11-14 Stefan Metzmacherhandle deletes and adds including file modes
2007-11-14 Stefan Metzmacheruse git am --whitespace=nowarn
2007-11-14 Stefan Metzmacheruse en_US.UTF-8 for everything
2007-11-09 Stefan Metzmacherfix nothing changed logic, when only one revision has...
2007-11-08 Stefan Metzmacheruse correct author mappings
2007-11-08 Stefan Metzmacherbe less verbose and return if nothing todo
2007-11-08 Stefan Metzmacherfix chunk creation to import rev 25600..25907
2007-11-08 Stefan Metzmacherfirst version of