LDB:test-generic.sh - fix smaller/greater comparison tests
[mdw/samba.git] / lib / ldb / tests / test-generic.sh
2013-09-05 Matthias Dieter... LDB:test-generic.sh - fix smaller/greater comparison...
2012-08-21 Matthias Dieter... LDB:ldbsearch - add search filter tests
2012-04-10 Andrew Bartlettldb-tools: Place the whole of an ldif file in a transaction
2012-02-01 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Remove unused support for --exeext
2011-07-29 Andrew Tridgellldb: added a test for an invalid search expression
2011-07-05 Andrew Bartlettldb: make ldb a top level library for Samba 4.0