2012-10-26 Jelmer Vernooijrebase-lorikeet: Explicitly use bash. master
2012-10-26 Stefan Metzmacherlib/krb5: windows KDCs always return the canoncalized...
2012-10-26 Stefan MetzmacherHACK: Netbios Domain as Realm
2012-10-26 Andrew Tridgelllorikeet-heimdal: Add a new script to help merging...
2012-10-26 Stefan Metzmacherlorikeet-heimdal: improve import-lorikeet.sh for the...
2012-10-26 Andrew Bartlettlorikeet-heimdal: Improve the heimdal import scripts
2012-10-26 Stefan Metzmacherlorikeet-heimdal: add scipts to rebase and import the...
2012-10-26 Stefan Metzmacherlorikeet-heimdal: add wrap_ex_ntlm.diff from abartlet
2012-10-26 Stefan Metzmacherlorikeet-heimdal: add HEIMDAL-LICENCE.txt
2012-10-26 Stefan Metzmacherlorikeet-heimdal: camellia-ntt GPLv2+ license
2012-10-26 Stefan Metzmacherlorikeet-heimdal: autogen.sh modifications
2012-10-16 Roland C. DowdeswellFix renewal/refresh logic when kinit is provided with...
2012-10-15 Magnus AhltorpCapture return value from __sync_add_and_fetch in the...
2012-10-08 Love Hörnquist... Merge pull request #21 from hyc/mdb2
2012-10-07 Howard ChuAdd support for OpenLDAP libmdb
2012-10-07 Love Hornquist... rename KRB5_PLUGIN_KUSEROK since kuserok is a little...
2012-10-07 Love Hornquist... require version >= 0
2012-10-07 Love Hornquist... make sure logs are truncated
2012-10-07 Love Hornquist... scan whole logfile
2012-10-07 Love Hornquist... pass back an heim_error from hx509_cert_init
2012-10-06 Love Hornquist... rename mdb to mitdb
2012-10-01 Love Hornquist... fixup error messages
2012-10-01 Love Hornquist... don't use free'd string
2012-10-01 Love Hornquist... use configuration for db-dir
2012-10-01 Love Hornquist... add db-dir
2012-10-01 Love Hornquist... catch better slave message now that iprop is more verbose
2012-09-27 Marco MolteniDocument some GSS-API functions and fix some spelling...
2012-09-27 Stef WalterAdd pkg-config files for krb5 libraries
2012-09-25 Love Hornquist... guess some code for SUN_PROC_POINT
2012-09-23 Love Hornquist... include <stddef.h> so that we have a size_t
2012-09-23 Love Hornquist... use Getopt::Std, patch original from Leonardo <rnalrd...
2012-09-12 Love Hornquist... always produce a signature that is the size of the...
2012-09-10 Philip Boulaindd include flags for test cases.
2012-08-16 Jeffrey AltmanMerge pull request #18 from meffie/master
2012-08-16 Michael Meffiedrop __restrict some more, to please old compilers
2012-08-14 Roland C. DowdeswellWindows doesn't support poll(2) or fcntl(2) so #ifdef...
2012-08-12 Jeffrey AltmanRevert "generated files must #include config if supported"
2012-08-07 Roland C. DowdeswellMake concurrent builds work.
2012-08-02 Andrew Tridgellheimdal: fixed -Werror=format error in com_err
2012-07-20 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: rk_wcsdup allocator
2012-07-20 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: rk_strdup allocator
2012-07-17 Roland C. DowdeswellFix memory leak in hx509_context_init().
2012-07-16 Nicolas WilliamsFix Makefile.am issue with test_expand_toks
2012-07-15 Nicolas WilliamsFix bug in _krb5_expand_path_tokensv()
2012-07-15 Nicolas WilliamsMake test_store.c build w/o warnings and run
2012-07-12 Roland C. DowdeswellEnsure that timeouts apply to TCP socket connexions.
2012-07-04 Roland C. DowdeswellTypo and separate formatting error in lib/com_err/com_e...
2012-07-04 Roland C. DowdeswellFix a typo: ai should have been a.
2012-07-02 Jeffrey Altmankrb5_enomem to separate source file
2012-07-02 Jeffrey Altmanroken: Use a common allocator for all windows
2012-06-27 Roland C. Dowdeswellhdb.h uses FILE * and so should #include <stdio.h>.
2012-06-26 Roland C. DowdeswellNot all make implementations define RM by default....
2012-06-26 Roland C. DowdeswellRemove unused function from lib/base/string.c as it...
2012-06-26 Jeffrey AltmanRevert "do not include stdint.h unprotected"
2012-06-21 Nicolas WilliamsMove base into lib
2012-06-20 Roland C. DowdeswellEliminate shadow variable in lib/ntlm/test_ntlm.c.
2012-06-14 Nicolas WilliamsEncrypt keys in change password code even when !keepold
2012-06-14 Nicolas WilliamsMake check-authz run when objdir != srcdir
2012-06-12 Jeffrey AltmanRemove krb5_425_xx and krb4 compat glue from exports
2012-06-12 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: missing exports on Windows
2012-06-12 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: export krb5_storage_fsync
2012-06-12 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: link libhdb against heimbase
2012-06-11 Stefan Metzmacherheimdal:lib/asn1: try to fix the build on IRIX
2012-06-08 Love Hornquist... just mark sig algs as weak instead of expiration date
2012-06-08 Love Hornquist... pull in <errno.h>
2012-06-08 Love Hornquist... move windows compat errno constants to after <errno...
2012-06-08 Roland C. Dowdeswellrandkey_s.c must also clear requires_pwchange flag.
2012-06-08 Roland C. Dowdeswellchpass_s.c must set KADM5_ATTRIBUTES when writing the...
2012-06-08 Jeffrey AltmanWindows EAFNOSUPPORT defined by VS2010
2012-06-07 Roland C. DowdeswellAdditional changes to make -Wshadow build on Ubuntu...
2012-06-07 Roland C. DowdeswellMove #undef ENABLE_PTHREAD_SUPPORT lower in appl/gssmas...
2012-06-06 Roland C. DowdeswellFix issue where master HDB can be locked while waiting...
2012-06-05 Viktor DukhovniFix ASN.1 template compiler bug and add test cases...
2012-06-04 Love Hörnquist... krb5_kt_have_content have always really returned a...
2012-05-31 Roland C. Dowdeswellkadm5_log_reinit() needs to obtain its lock before...
2012-05-30 Harald BarthBetter character classes and wording
2012-05-30 Love Hornquist... require automake 1.11
2012-05-30 Eray AslanFix broken qop.5 man page generation
2012-05-29 Viktor DukhovniDB_CURSOR_BULK requires DB 4.8 or later
2012-05-28 Viktor DukhovniDon't forget to sleep in 3DES del_enctype test.
2012-05-28 Roland C. DowdeswellFix memory leak in krb5_ret_data() on error/eof.
2012-05-28 Roland C. DowdeswellAdd krb5_storage_fsync().
2012-05-28 Roland C. Dowdeswellipropd_slave.c: init data to zero or we free a random...
2012-05-22 Roland C. DowdeswellFormatting: unnecessary lines and trailing whitespace.
2012-05-22 Viktor DukhovniOpen cursor for bulk retrieval
2012-05-22 Roland C. DowdeswellDon't clobber errno during error cleanup in krb5_storag...
2012-05-21 Roland C. DowdeswellFix a typo in a comment.
2012-05-21 Roland C. DowdeswellEliminate unused variable warning.
2012-05-20 Nicolas WilliamsFix segfault in MIT dump entry parsing code
2012-05-18 Roland C. Dowdeswellkadm5_s_get_principals() is a read only operation,...
2012-05-18 Roland C. DowdeswellFix locking issues in DB3 HDB backend.
2012-05-18 Roland C. DowdeswellFix locking issues in DB1 HDB backend.
2012-05-09 Marco MolteniAdd comments to tcp_server.c, to make it easier for...
2012-05-09 Marco MolteniAdd doxygen and source comments to some functions of...
2012-05-03 Nicolas WilliamsUpdate KDB in tests/kdc so check-hdb-mitdb passes
2012-05-03 Nicolas WilliamsUpdate kadmin.8
2012-05-03 Nicolas WilliamsUpdate MIT<->Heimdal migration documentation
2012-05-03 Nicolas WilliamsAdd support for writing to KDB and dumping HDB to MIT...
2012-05-03 Viktor DukhovniFix incorrect usage message in ktutil del
2012-05-01 Marco MolteniVerify the existence of the keytab for tcp_server,...