1996-08-23 Samba Release... Doc updates
1996-08-23 Samba Release... - fixed bugs in nmb response packet checking.
1996-08-22 Samba Release... preparing for release of 1.9.16p1
1996-08-22 Andrew Tridgell- fix client for pathworks 4 access
1996-08-22 Andrew Tridgellminor doc fix
1996-08-22 Samba Release... preparing for release of 1.9.16
1996-08-22 Andrew Tridgell- add timeouts to connect() for password server connect...
1996-08-22 Andrew Tridgellminor fixes to docs
1996-08-22 Samba Release... Updated attribution list.
1996-08-22 Samba Release... Added descriptions of Windows NT Domain Control.
1996-08-22 Samba Release... Updated Aquasoft Entry.
1996-08-21 Samba Release... preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha26
1996-08-21 Andrew Tridgell- fix a bug handling readraw packets that caused the...
1996-08-21 Andrew Tridgellupdate the docs ready for a new release
1996-08-21 Andrew Tridgellhandle sigpipe better for server security
1996-08-21 Samba Release... preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha25
1996-08-21 Andrew Tridgellfix compiler warning
1996-08-21 Andrew Tridgell- bit a bit manipulation bug in find_name_search()
1996-08-21 Andrew Tridgell- remove the date markers from the man pages. I never...
1996-08-21 Samba Release... JHT ==> Upgraded Samba to Windows NT Server version 4.1
1996-08-21 Samba Release... preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha24
1996-08-21 Andrew Tridgell- new handling of ST_TYPE bits, they are now consolidat...
1996-08-21 Andrew Tridgell- new faxing doc from Gerhard Zuber <zuber@berlin.snafu.de
1996-08-20 Samba Release... preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha23
1996-08-20 Andrew Tridgellgive names more time when refreshing
1996-08-20 Samba Release... preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha22
1996-08-20 Andrew Tridgellupdate "server string" docs
1996-08-20 Andrew Tridgell- removed ServerComment and instead set the comment...
1996-08-20 Andrew Tridgell- add NMB_REG_REFRESH capability to initiate_netbios_pa...
1996-08-20 Andrew Tridgell- fix a bug in NetServerEnum where counted and total...
1996-08-20 Andrew Tridgelladd a bit more about the "trapdoor uid" messsage
1996-08-19 Samba Release... preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha21
1996-08-19 Andrew Tridgellfix a bug in the new chaining code
1996-08-19 Samba Release... preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha20
1996-08-19 Andrew Tridgell- added "netbios name" option in smb.conf to make contr...
1996-08-19 Andrew Tridgella bunch of man page cleanups from a kind contributor
1996-08-17 Samba Release... i wondered why there was a cvs clash on namedbname.c
1996-08-17 Samba Release... preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha19
1996-08-17 Samba Release... - fixed wins.dat reloading (it wasn't happening!)
1996-08-17 Andrew Tridgell- made FAST_SHARE_MODES standard for Linux
1996-08-17 Andrew Tridgelladded a note about the homes share and WinDD
1996-08-17 Samba Release... - removed reference to my_workgroup() accidentally...
1996-08-17 Samba Release... - updated load_netbios_names() to cope with new wins...
1996-08-17 Samba Release... - started on support for 'Internet Group names' - type...
1996-08-17 Samba Release... changed the text a bit in Support.txt so that its clear...
1996-08-17 Andrew Tridgell- added support for Amiga-unix (based on BSD I think)
1996-08-16 Samba Release... preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha18
1996-08-16 Andrew Tridgellfixed installscripts.sh so it no longer creates ] and...
1996-08-16 Andrew Tridgell- added the "remote announce" option
1996-08-16 Andrew Tridgelldocumented the new syntax of lmhosts
1996-08-16 Andrew Tridgell- document the "remote announce" option
1996-08-16 Andrew Tridgelladded support for the Bull Operating System (BOS)
1996-08-16 Andrew TridgellSVR4 startup scripts from Timo Knuutila (knuutila@cs...
1996-08-16 Andrew Tridgelladded Printing.txt and Tracing.txt
1996-08-16 Samba Release... JHT ==> Added a GOTCHAS.txt file 16/8/96
1996-08-15 Andrew Tridgellchange email address
1996-08-15 Andrew Tridgell- added FAST_SHARE_MODES code
1996-08-15 Andrew Tridgelladded notes on the new FAST_SHARE_MODES code
1996-08-14 Andrew Tridgellchanged "unsigned long" to "uint32" in several places...
1996-08-14 Andrew Tridgellfixed an obvious bug that meant that DosPrintQEnum...
1996-08-14 Andrew Tridgelldisabled SETFS (which was only enabled for Linux) until...
1996-08-13 Samba Release... preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha17
1996-08-13 Andrew Tridgellminor cleanups
1996-08-13 Andrew Tridgelladded the validchars package written by tino@augsburg...
1996-08-13 Andrew Tridgelldoc updates
1996-08-13 Andrew Tridgell- add the 0x1c name for all interfaces if we are a...
1996-08-13 Andrew Tridgelldon't allow newlines in printer status messages
1996-08-13 Andrew Tridgell- sequent-ptx support from bressler@iftccu.ca.boeing...
1996-08-13 Andrew Tridgell- added docs on new "printer driver" option
1996-08-13 Andrew Tridgellnew docs for japanses extensions from Fujita
1996-08-12 Andrew Tridgellminor fix to write_data() for EOF handling
1996-08-09 Samba Release... applying login updates from jim@oxfordcc.co.uk, sent...
1996-08-06 Samba Release... preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha16
1996-08-05 Samba Release... preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha14
1996-08-05 Samba Release... updated comments in announce_server() to indicate that...
1996-08-05 Samba Release... updating documentation to reflect code a little bit.
1996-08-05 Samba Release... jht spotted error in Domain announcements: the comment...
1996-08-03 Samba Release... Tiny bug in doco reported to samba-bugs
1996-08-03 Samba Release... preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha15
1996-08-01 Samba Release... updated doc files to include a GPL header, with revisio...
1996-08-01 Samba Release... local_only NetServerEnum syncs can now be issued.
1996-07-30 Samba Release... preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha13
1996-07-30 Andrew Tridgellfix a bug that we've had for a long time where we don...
1996-07-27 Samba Release... Lots of updating.
1996-07-24 Andrew Tridgellminor cleanups
1996-07-24 Andrew Tridgellthe client now loads the smb.conf config file so it...
1996-07-23 Samba Release... Some examples for printer accounting that I use with...
1996-07-22 Andrew Tridgellremoved the remote interfaces stuff.
1996-07-22 Andrew Tridgelladded lots of comments to the docs that Luke wrote...
1996-07-22 Andrew Tridgelladded a bunch of comments to Lukes docs.
1996-07-22 Andrew Tridgellminor debug output fix
1996-07-22 Andrew Tridgellfix up problems with "smbclient -L". It now uses a...
1996-07-22 Samba Release... Sorry for last empty message. Updated file to say...
1996-07-22 Samba Release... CVS:
1996-07-19 Samba Release... preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha12
1996-07-18 Samba Release... NeXT needs #define pid_t int in includes.h
1996-07-18 Samba Release... preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha11
1996-07-18 Andrew Tridgellminor cleanups ready for another release
1996-07-18 Andrew Tridgellremoved some debug stuff from luke
1996-07-17 Samba Release... lots of changes to nmbd