2000-06-05 Tim PotterForgot attr entry for private dir.
2000-06-05 Tim PotterUpdated samba appliance example.
2000-06-05 Andrew Tridgellfixed a off by one bug in ntforms read from the database
2000-06-05 Tim PotterCopied across NT_Security documentation from 2.0
2000-06-05 Tim PotterSomeone wrote a man page for smbspool - how nice!
2000-06-05 Andrew Tridgelladded -O (use oplocks) option to locktest
2000-06-04 Andrew Tridgellwe no longer need the code to cope with setprinter...
2000-06-04 Andrew Tridgellno space was being reserved for the security descriptor...
2000-06-04 Andrew Tridgellsec_desc_size() needs to handle a null secdesc
2000-06-04 Andrew Tridgellsome printer parameters are getting corrupted, possibly...
2000-06-04 Andrew Tridgelladded some debug code to track down pack/unpack problems
2000-06-04 Andrew Tridgellfixed the pack/unpack of the devicemode
2000-06-04 Andrew Tridgelladded a MANGLE_DRIVER_PATH define to chooose whether...
2000-06-04 Andrew Tridgellsomeone forgot a !
2000-06-03 Andrew Tridgellnew protos
2000-06-03 Andrew Tridgellfixed some ptr declarations
2000-06-03 Andrew Tridgellmoved secrets fns into secrets.c
2000-06-03 Andrew Tridgellmoved secrets fns into secrets.c
2000-06-03 Andrew Tridgelladded %J and %T to run_print_command()
2000-06-03 Andrew Tridgellmoved secrets handling into secrets.c
2000-06-03 Jeremy Allisonrpc_client/cli_lsarpc.c: Removed unused variable.
2000-06-02 Jeremy AllisonMore memory leak and PANIC action fixes.
2000-06-02 Jeremy AllisonMore memory leak fixes.
2000-06-02 Jeremy AllisonMore memory corruption (leaks etc.) fixes.
2000-06-02 Jeremy AllisonFixed null pointer indirect in addprinterex. Still...
2000-06-01 Jeremy AllisonMore insure found memory leak and corruption fixes.
2000-06-01 Jeremy Allisonparam/loadparm.c: Looks like someone ran indent on...
2000-06-01 Jeremy AllisonBack to building. Now to test with insure.
2000-06-01 Jeremy AllisonGetting back to a compilable state (not there yet but...
2000-06-01 Jeremy AllisonMore stuff I cvan't afford to lose. I'm realizing how...
2000-06-01 Jeremy AllisonChanges I really don't want to lose whilst CVS is playi...
2000-05-31 Jeremy AllisonChanged interface to set_nt_acl slightly.
2000-05-31 Jeremy AllisonWorking UNIX -> NT ACL mapper.
2000-05-31 Jeremy AllisonFixed interface between new ACLS and nttrans code.
2000-05-31 Jeremy AllisonThe functionality in this file has been moved into...
2000-05-31 Luke Leightonspace in front of lp_preexec() causing make proto to...
2000-05-31 Luke Leightonmessing about.
2000-05-29 Andrew Tridgellif the tdb stored driver isn't formatted right then...
2000-05-29 Matthew ChapmanFixed LsaQueryInformationPolicy level 3 to return prima...
2000-05-29 Andrew Tridgellfixed some more crashes
2000-05-29 Andrew Tridgelldon't return a passwd struct for usernames that don't
2000-05-29 Luke Leightonmake proto
2000-05-29 Luke Leightonmore templates.
2000-05-28 Luke Leightonlp_server_role() + use in srv_reg.
2000-05-28 Andrew Tridgellupdated proto.h
2000-05-28 Andrew Tridgellinit_unistr takes a const 2nd arg
2000-05-28 Andrew Tridgelldon't build cli_reg in rpc client library until we...
2000-05-28 Andrew Tridgelldon't free a driver structure from the stack!
2000-05-28 Andrew Tridgellfixed return error code that had 0xC with not enough...
2000-05-28 Andrew Tridgellfixed a couple of bugs in the driver return code
2000-05-28 Luke Leighton#ifdef not #if
2000-05-28 Luke Leightonmoved notif_y_table struct to spoolss_nt.c only used...
2000-05-28 Luke Leightondebug output to /tmp.
2000-05-28 Luke Leightonmore SMBtrans, SMBnttrans stuff.
2000-05-27 Luke LeightonSMBulogoffX
2000-05-27 Luke Leightonoptional (0of or 1of) with "[+]" semantics.
2000-05-27 Luke LeightonSMBntcreateX
2000-05-27 Luke LeightonSMBnttrans. modified io_uint8s to return address of...
2000-05-27 Andrew Tridgellgetting and setting security descriptors on printers...
2000-05-27 Luke Leightonprs_give_memory in wrong place, also poss. was losing...
2000-05-27 Luke LeightonSMBtrans response.
2000-05-27 Luke LeightonSMBtrans and SMBtrans2, some of it.
2000-05-27 Andrew Tridgellfixed return from nt_printing_init()
2000-05-27 Luke LeightonSMBlockingX
2000-05-27 Luke Leightonhack to get setprinter working, level2, null sec desc.
2000-05-27 Andrew Tridgellfixed call of firstkey/nextkey to traverse driver database
2000-05-27 Luke Leightonuninitialised variable "list"
2000-05-27 Luke Leightondummy trash in secdesc.
2000-05-27 Luke Leightonbug-fix from tim (insure). dummy fn call for andrew...
2000-05-27 Luke Leightonunistr_to_dos not unistr_to_ascii
2000-05-27 Luke Leightonfixed nttrans.c
2000-05-27 Luke Leightonsecurity descs in spoolss. needs parse_sec.c nttrans...
2000-05-27 Luke Leightoncifs parser.
2000-05-27 Andrew Tridgellfixed bugs in fdpass tests
2000-05-27 Andrew Tridgellmove srandom to after connect so random stuff in client...
2000-05-26 Shirish KaleleFixed memory leak in RPC parsing code.
2000-05-26 Jeremy AllisonCompile time warning fixes and a time_t -> uint32 conve...
2000-05-26 Tim PotterFixed last remaining instance of MS_DFS to WITH_MSDFS.
2000-05-26 Shirish KaleleChanged MS_DFS to WITH_MSDFS throughout.
2000-05-25 Jeremy AllisonFixed misunderstanding found during CIFS conference...
2000-05-24 Andrew Tridgellminor fixes
2000-05-24 Luke Leighton2nd evil simultaneous read-write test. forks. one...
2000-05-24 Andrew Tridgellremoved lp_revalidate()
2000-05-24 Andrew Tridgellnew prototypes
2000-05-24 Andrew Tridgellwe don't do "revalidate = yes" any more
2000-05-24 Andrew Tridgelladded -u hide_unlock_fails option
2000-05-24 Tim PotterStart of test blurb.
2000-05-24 Tim PotterTest transfer of large random file w/o corruption.
2000-05-24 Tim PotterFix to return buffer output properly.
2000-05-24 Andrew Tridgelladded tdb_pack() and tdb_unpack()
2000-05-24 Andrew Tridgellgot rid of lp_revalidate()
2000-05-24 Andrew Tridgella fairly big change in spoolss.
2000-05-24 Andrew Tridgella fairly big change in spoolss.
2000-05-24 Tim PotterTest various operations on ipc$ share.
2000-05-24 Andrew Tridgella fairly big change in spoolss.
2000-05-24 Tim PotterTestharness for masktest program.
2000-05-24 Andrew Tridgelluse \\ in front of filenames
2000-05-24 Tim PotterTest wildcard rename function.
2000-05-24 Andrew Tridgelluse lp_workgroup()