1998-11-13 Jeremy AllisonProblems found by Herb.
1998-11-13 Luke Leightonuse ZERO_STRUCTPN (checks for NULL) not ZERO_STRUCTP...
1998-11-13 Luke LeightonZERO_STRUCTP does not check argument for NULL.
1998-11-13 Andrew Tridgellfixes for OSF1 compilation
1998-11-13 Jeremy Allisoninclude/smb.h: Re-added zero pointer protection to...
1998-11-13 Luke Leightonsecurity descriptors
1998-11-13 Luke Leightonsids in rpctorture changed from fstrings to DOM_SID
1998-11-13 Andrew Tridgellfixed compile for FreeBSD
1998-11-12 Andrew Tridgell%\ is an interesting printf argument, but I prefer %s
1998-11-12 Andrew Tridgellwe don't have any jpeg images any more
1998-11-12 Herb LewisRemoved code that used printf/fprintf in password chang...
1998-11-12 Andrew Tridgellno longer needed
1998-11-12 Andrew Tridgellchanged the fonts in the images a bit to be readable...
1998-11-12 Luke Leightonsecurity descriptors.
1998-11-12 Andrew Tridgellplease remember to check that code compiles before...
1998-11-12 Herb Lewismissed one
1998-11-12 Herb Lewissmaller images so they fit on one line of a 640/480...
1998-11-12 Herb LewisCommiting tt fix.
1998-11-12 Herb LewisFixed missing parens in tt entry.
1998-11-12 Herb Lewis.cvsignore: Removed old entries.
1998-11-12 Jeremy AllisonUse spaces not tabs.
1998-11-12 Jeremy AllisonFixed smbpasswd so that enabling a user who already...
1998-11-12 Jeremy Allisoninclude/kanji.h include/proto.h lib/kanji.c: Added...
1998-11-12 Herb Lewisclear trailing / from directory names in idb file
1998-11-12 Luke Leightonjean-f. sent me some S-1-3-0,1,2,3 SIDs and names....
1998-11-12 Herb Lewischanges from John Sygulla for changing remote passwords
1998-11-12 Herb Lewisremove .po and .po32 files from inst package
1998-11-12 Luke Leightonformatting
1998-11-12 Luke Leightonminor update.
1998-11-12 Luke Leightonspelling. added line about command-line tools equivale...
1998-11-12 Luke Leightonspelling corrections and such-like.
1998-11-12 Luke Leightoncleaning up conflicts between group code not yet commit...
1998-11-12 Luke Leightonsecurity descriptors and registry.
1998-11-12 Herb Lewisno longer needed
1998-11-12 Andrew Tridgellremove my name from welcome page so I don't get mail...
1998-11-12 Andrew Tridgellhandle null usernames
1998-11-12 Andrew Tridgellshow all buttons in demo mode
1998-11-12 Andrew Tridgellfixed demo mode
1998-11-12 Andrew Tridgellextracted the password change code from smbpasswd and...
1998-11-12 Andrew Tridgellchar -> uchar fix
1998-11-12 Andrew Tridgelllargely rewrote smbpasswd so that the code is understan...
1998-11-12 Jeremy AllisonMoved some code (NTLMSSPcalc) out of smbdes and inline...
1998-11-12 Jeremy AllisonUpdated to at least some semblence of reality :-).
1998-11-12 Jeremy AllisonFix fd leak in error condition in grantpt code case.
1998-11-12 Tim PotterSomeone else is already doing this.
1998-11-12 Jeremy AllisonWHATSNEW now vaguely correct for 2.0 :-).
1998-11-12 Jeremy AllisonAdded the security changes suggested by Andrew - become the
1998-11-12 Tim PotterAdded an index.html for the html documentation taken...
1998-11-12 Jeremy AllisonAdded enable user button. Fixed bug where log was alway...
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonChanged the welcome comments to look more like a releas...
1998-11-11 Andrew Tridgellchanged is_root() to am_root() to prevent clash with...
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonJ.F.'s latest printer fixes plus his gcc -picky fix...
1998-11-11 Jeremy Allisonrpc_server/srv_netlog.c: Fixed crash bug with ACB_PWNOTREQ.
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonAdded text and html versions of DOMAIN_MEMBER doc.
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonAdded file to describe how to join a domain.
1998-11-11 Luke Leightonoops!
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonAdded swat html & manpage.
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonUpdated smbd links.
1998-11-11 Herb Lewisadd an empty STATUS..LCK to install so swat doesn't...
1998-11-11 Luke Leightonsecurity descriptor info, provided by jean-francois
1998-11-11 Herb LewisAdded needed flag for swat password changing
1998-11-11 Herb Lewisadded password change functionality to swat
1998-11-11 Herb Lewisnew swat icons
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonUpdated Manifest for 2.0.
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonFix from richard.kettlewell@kewill.com for leapyear...
1998-11-11 Luke Leightonclearing up security descriptor
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonFixed two debug prints.
1998-11-11 Luke Leightonchanged syntax of registry commands so keys can start...
1998-11-11 Jean-François... makeyodldocs.sh now works with the bash shell
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonAdded link to YODL url.
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonAdded code to copy smb.conf.5.html to the swat help...
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonSwat now uses the auto-generated smb.conf.5.html.
1998-11-11 Herb Lewisnew directories for man page sources
1998-11-11 Herb Lewisswat.c updated to use new yodl generated smb.conf.5...
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonMakefile.in: Added target for makeyodldocs - not used...
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonForgot to add these new (auto-generated) manpages.
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonFirst versions of the man pages auto-generated from...
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonFirst version of HTML docs generated from YODL source.
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonAdding YODL docs maintainer script.
1998-11-11 Luke Leightonregistry delete value command: "regdeleteval".
1998-11-11 Luke Leightonrenamed unk_1b to flush_key
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonAdded manpages/ to source path.
1998-11-11 Luke Leighton- renamed open_policy to open_hklm.
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonUpdating changes - now move to yodldocs directory.
1998-11-10 Jeremy AllisonFixed a broken link.
1998-11-10 Jeremy AllisonFinally it compiles with YODL !!
1998-11-10 Luke Leightonrpcclient registry key delete command: "regdeletekey".
1998-11-10 Luke Leightonregistry modification requires a "sync" or "refresh...
1998-11-10 Jeremy AllisonThis is finished but still doesn't compile in YODL.
1998-11-10 Herb Lewismake sure we build with SGI compiler
1998-11-10 Jeremy Allisoninclude/local.h:
1998-11-10 Jeremy AllisonDone all the ssl docs.
1998-11-10 Luke Leightonoops!
1998-11-10 Luke Leightonrpcclient registry commands.
1998-11-10 Luke Leightonutil functions split into relevant modules, first pass.
1998-11-10 Jeremy AllisonUp to "socket options".
1998-11-10 John TerpstraUpdating the password script and documenting password...
1998-11-10 Jeremy AllisonUp to "read size".
1998-11-10 Jeremy AllisonDefault for SMB_PASSWD program was set to smbpasswd...
1998-11-09 Jeremy Allisonsmbclient.1.yo: Documented Andrews changes.