2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellupdated appliance Makefile
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgelladded packaging section to README
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellfixed tar command line
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellexclude CVS files from rpm build
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellfixed error code for buffer_too_large in trans reply
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgelldon't install winbind man page twice
2000-05-12 Tim PotterNuked changelog - use cvs log instead.
2000-05-12 Tim Pottersimple build script for appliance rpm
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgelladded winbindd man page to spec file
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellfixed a typo
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellfixed a problem with appliance operation
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgelluse gcc not insure by default in tdb build
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgelladd winbind manual in SWAT welcome page
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgelluse our primary domain trust account for trusted domain...
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellupdated the appliance README
2000-05-12 Tim PotterManpage version of yodl doc.
2000-05-12 Tim PotterHTML version of yodl doc.
2000-05-12 Tim PotterChanged all references of ntdom to winbind.
2000-05-12 Tim PotterInitial version of appliance spec file.
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellan imcompatible tdb format change (sorry!)
2000-05-12 Jeremy AllisonCheck fstat return for error.
2000-05-10 Jeremy Allisonlib/util_unistr.c:
2000-05-10 Jeremy AllisonHo hum - forgot timeout case.
2000-05-10 Jeremy AllisonFix from David Collier-Brown - sys_select return was...
2000-05-10 Andrew Tridgell- changed smb_getpwnam() to use winbind style usernames
2000-05-10 Andrew Tridgellupdated appliance Makefile
2000-05-10 Andrew Tridgellin head as well ...
2000-05-10 Andrew Tridgelltreat a blank "password server =" line as a "*" if...
2000-05-10 Andrew Tridgellwhen creating the database zero the reserved space
2000-05-10 Andrew Tridgellproto rebuild
2000-05-10 Andrew Tridgellcheck for sighup on each packet - otherwise it can...
2000-05-10 Andrew Tridgellfail a print start on a deleted auto printer
2000-05-10 Andrew TridgellI found a better way of handling deleted auto printers
2000-05-10 Andrew Tridgellformatting fix
2000-05-10 Andrew Tridgellremove autoloaded printers that are no longer in /etc...
2000-05-10 Andrew Tridgellpatch from Dominik Kubla <dominik.kubla@uni-mainz.de>
2000-05-10 Andrew Tridgellmore merging voodoo
2000-05-10 Andrew Tridgellmore merging
2000-05-10 Andrew Tridgell- add some reserved space to every tdb, this will be
2000-05-10 Herb LewisUse a prime for default tdb hash size - this makes...
2000-05-10 Herb LewisFix for misunderstanding of fsync added when vfs layer
2000-05-10 Herb LewisUsing a structure for a tdb key can lead to insideous...
2000-05-09 Herb LewisFix for check_kernel_oplocks looking for the var directory
2000-05-09 Herb LewisThis is reall Jeremy commiting as Herb at SGI labs...
2000-05-09 Andrew Tridgell- use smb_gwtpwnam() in another couple of places
2000-05-09 Andrew Tridgellfixed some winbind cache bugs
2000-05-09 Andrew Tridgellthe beginnings of a new scheme I've working on to allow...
2000-05-09 Andrew Tridgelldon't attempt to build rpcclient in the head branch
2000-05-09 Andrew Tridgellbrought across some rpc header files from tng
2000-05-09 Andrew Tridgellbrought the winbindd code into head
2000-05-09 Andrew Tridgelladded some rules for winbindd and pam_winbind
2000-05-09 Tim PotterAdded tdb_store_by_string() and tdb_fetch_by_string...
2000-05-09 Andrew Tridgellthe beginnings of a description of how to setup a Samba...
2000-05-08 Jeremy AllisonFix for VMS platforms from "John E. Malmberg" <wb8tyw...
2000-05-08 Jeremy AllisonSomeone :-) forgot to add secrets.c to HEAD.
2000-05-08 Andrew Tridgelladded secrets.tdb and changed storage of trust account...
2000-05-08 Tim PotterAdded winbindd parameters to smb.conf documentation.
2000-05-08 Tim PotterInitial version of winbindd manual page.
2000-05-06 Andrew Tridgelladded winbindd options in head branch, so it is possibl...
2000-05-06 Andrew Tridgellfixed a vfs crash bug
2000-05-06 Andrew Tridgellsigned/unsigned fixes so we can handle a lock base...
2000-05-05 Jeremy AllisonFix for uninitialized memory read in brlock code. brl_l...
2000-05-05 Jeremy AllisonFix for dual unix_to_dos conversion in readdir from...
2000-05-05 Herb Lewisadd new release notes chapter to samba for irix package
2000-05-05 Tim PotterFix for crash bug in OpenConfFile() if no smb.conf...
2000-05-05 Jeremy AllisonFix for read_file() returning -1.
2000-05-05 Jeremy AllisonTwo fixes. Added missong logic & case in lock split...
2000-05-05 Andrew Tridgellmake debug easier to read
2000-05-05 Andrew Tridgellmake debug easier to read
2000-05-05 Andrew Tridgellnasty hack to print posix locks
2000-05-05 Andrew Tridgellexample of broken posix lock behaviour
2000-05-04 Jeremy Allisonrpc_server/srv_lsa.c: Bring into sync with 2.0.x.
2000-05-04 Jeremy AllisonUpdated to fix overlapping problem.
2000-05-04 Andrew Tridgella minimal change to get appliance mode to work with...
2000-05-04 Andrew Tridgellparameterize the lock timeout
2000-05-04 Andrew Tridgelladded a test for the NT byte range lock into smbtorture
2000-05-04 Andrew Tridgellan even simpler example of NT gettings its locking...
2000-05-04 Andrew Tridgell - use full_name instead of real_name
2000-05-04 Andrew Tridgellneed LOCKING_OBJ in locktest now
2000-05-04 Andrew Tridgellmore locktest improvements
2000-05-04 Andrew Tridgellfixed message text
2000-05-04 Andrew Tridgellif the stat cache is off then don't initialise it
2000-05-04 Andrew Tridgelladded -A analyze mode to locktest - it can now automati...
2000-05-04 Andrew Tridgellfound a much simpler case that kills the posix locking
2000-05-04 Andrew Tridgellfixed a uninit memory read that insure found
2000-05-04 Andrew Tridgelladded ability to present lock tests
2000-05-04 Jeremy AllisonFix for debug statement crash.
2000-05-03 Herb Lewisunicode code pages are detected as compiler intermediat...
2000-05-03 Jeremy AllisonFix based on Elrond's code to reduce the store size...
2000-05-03 Jeremy AllisonFixed the bug locktest.c found, it was an off-by-one...
2000-05-03 Jeremy AllisonFixed silly bug where I wasn't checking for matching...
2000-05-03 Jeremy AllisonAdded range info to the panic message to track down...
2000-05-03 Andrew Tridgellimproved the lock test program
2000-05-03 Andrew Tridgell- clear dead locks at startup
2000-05-03 Andrew Tridgelladded a nasty lock testing program
2000-05-03 Jeremy AllisonFix for stacking locks in brlock and POSIX. Windows...
2000-05-03 Jeremy AllisonAdded read overlay write lock on same fnum test to...
2000-05-03 Jeremy AllisonInsure uninitialized memory read fixes.
2000-05-03 Herb Lewismerge 2.0 changes
2000-05-02 Jeremy AllisonFixed wild pointer diff found by insure.