2003-11-09 Jelmer VernooijRemove check for SAM, which has already been removed
2003-11-09 Jelmer VernooijAdd iconv test utility
2003-11-09 Jelmer VernooijAdd check for precompiled headers
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgell- fixed lsa_EnumTrustDom
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgelladded lsa_EnumTrustDom
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgelladded lsa_EnumPrivs idl and test code
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgelladded a test for lsa_Close()
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgelli forgot to commit the rpcecho idl file
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgell- added the rest of the LSA calls as stubs
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgelladded a module for auto-generating the client calls...
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgellconverted the rpcecho pipe to use IDL
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgell- handle void functions
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgelluse a more consistent style for the client stubs
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgellget rid of some prototypes that aren't needed any more
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgelllsa_LookupNames now works
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgelladded support for arrays as function arguments and...
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgellcheck for pidl.pl in path, not $HOME/pidl/
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgelladded idl, generated code and test code for lsa_LookupSids
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgelladded fixes for the pushing of arrays and handling...
2003-11-08 Andrew Tridgell- include includes.h
2003-11-08 Andrew Tridgell- more generation fixes
2003-11-08 Andrew Tridgell- corrected some lsa idl
2003-11-08 Andrew Tridgell- generate both the pull and push side
2003-11-06 Andrew Tridgella bit of a tidy up before I add the ndr_pull_*() side...
2003-11-06 Andrew Tridgellanother major bit of restructuring of rpc in Samba4...
2003-11-06 Andrew Tridgellupdated pidl to auto-generate the ndr_push_*() function...
2003-11-06 Andrew Tridgellallow qfsinfo to continue with just 10 levels supported...
2003-11-05 Andrew Tridgellfinished off the ndr_sec.c module
2003-11-04 Andrew Tridgellfixed another error found by valgrind
2003-11-04 Andrew Tridgellfixed some error found by valgrind
2003-11-04 Andrew Tridgelllsa_EnumSids() now works
2003-11-04 Andrew Tridgelllsa_OpenPolicy2 now works
2003-11-04 Andrew Tridgellyipee! we can now do lsaOpenPolicy() via the new interf...
2003-11-04 Andrew Tridgelladded support for fragmented sends
2003-11-04 Andrew Tridgelladded fragmentation support on receive for dcerpc packe...
2003-11-03 Andrew Tridgelladded SinkData and SourceData tests for rpcecho
2003-11-03 Andrew Tridgelladded rpcecho EchoData test
2003-11-03 Andrew Tridgellactually use the passed parameters!
2003-11-03 Andrew Tridgelladded a helper function to make building rpc functions...
2003-11-03 Andrew Tridgellstarted adding RPC-ECHO torture cases
2003-11-03 Andrew Tridgellwe only want the per-call stub data
2003-11-03 Andrew Tridgella major revamp of the low level dcerpc code in samba4...
2003-10-30 Andrew Tridgell- a few portability fixes from Jim Myers
2003-10-29 Andrew Tridgellmuch better synchronised startup in smbtorture - this...
2003-10-28 Tim PotterAdd RPC-OPEN test as an example for using the new dcerp...
2003-10-28 Tim PotterA fix for making transfer syntax a pointer instead...
2003-10-28 Tim PotterAdd raw and cli dcerpc code to LIBRAW_OBJ and LIBSMB_OB...
2003-10-28 Tim PotterCli level code for initial dcerpc client support.
2003-10-28 Tim PotterInitial version of raw dcerpc client support.
2003-10-28 Tim PotterAdd data structures for initial dcerpc support.
2003-10-28 Tim PotterImplement raw SMBtrans by backending the SMBtrans2...
2003-10-28 Andrew Tridgelladded some NTVFS info, and started the process model...
2003-10-27 Andrew Tridgellthe beginnings of a samba4 programming guide
2003-10-10 Andrew Tridgellfixed snprintf.c for systems that have only some of...
2003-09-29 Jelmer VernooijUpdate MySQL configuration scripts, add module macros
2003-09-29 Jelmer VernooijRemove obsolete file
2003-09-29 Andrew Tridgellbetter child synchronisation at startup in NBENCH
2003-09-29 Andrew Tridgell- use deltree to setup base directory
2003-09-18 Tim PotterQuieten a compiler warning.
2003-09-02 Andrew Tridgellthanks to ntfsd and some google searches I worked out...
2003-08-31 Andrew TridgellI think I've finally got the ascii/unicode issues right...
2003-08-29 Andrew Tridgellexpanded the RAW-READ test to make it clearer that...
2003-08-23 Andrew Tridgellfix a segv when server doesn't support ATTRIBUTE_TAG_IN...
2003-08-17 Jelmer VernooijRemove some obsolete files (like in samba3)
2003-08-17 Jelmer VernooijSync autogen.sh from samba3
2003-08-16 Jelmer VernooijAdd script that reports unused macros/defines
2003-08-16 Jelmer VernooijAdd script that detects useless AC_DEFINE()'s in config...
2003-08-15 Herb Lewisdon't leak memory if cli->tree is NULL
2003-08-15 Herb Lewisdon't dereference null pointer
2003-08-15 Andrew Tridgellascii/unicode fixes in ascii mode found by smbtorture
2003-08-15 Andrew Tridgell- patch to fix a memory leak from metze
2003-08-15 Andrew Tridgellfix handling of parametric smb.conf parms with embedded...
2003-08-15 Andrew Tridgellmore fixes from the IRIX compiler (thanks herb!)
2003-08-15 Andrew Tridgellmore fixes from the IRIX compiler (thanks herb!)
2003-08-15 Herb Lewiswrong typecast
2003-08-15 Andrew Tridgellfixed an enumerated type error found on irix
2003-08-15 Herb Lewiscast to get rid of warnings
2003-08-15 Herb LewisIRIX already defines uint_t
2003-08-15 Herb Lewissigned bitfields cannot be 1 bit long
2003-08-15 Herb Lewisfix IRIX build
2003-08-15 Herb Lewisrename mutex_t to smb_mutex_t to prevent name collision
2003-08-15 Andrew Tridgellfixed some places where we don't brace (flags & STR_UNI...
2003-08-15 Andrew Tridgella few build fixes to try to get irix building
2003-08-15 Andrew Tridgelltry to cope with servers that return a blank alt_name...
2003-08-15 Andrew Tridgellsome servers don't return a fs_type and dev_type
2003-08-15 Andrew Tridgellfixed a comment typo
2003-08-15 Andrew Tridgellnicer formatting in getattre
2003-08-15 Andrew Tridgelldon't give detailed errors for levels that fail
2003-08-15 Andrew Tridgelltest resume by name before resume by flags
2003-08-15 Jeremy AllisonPrint out position info, ensure NT_RENAME info level...
2003-08-14 Herb Lewisclient/client.c - cannot initialize struct with non...
2003-08-14 Jeremy AllisonExtended seek tests to check position information.
2003-08-14 Andrew Tridgellfixed allinfo bug reported by metze
2003-08-14 Andrew Tridgelladded the ancient SMBcreate operation to the testsuite...
2003-08-14 Andrew Tridgelladded SMBopen to gentest
2003-08-14 Andrew Tridgelladded seek to gentest
2003-08-14 Andrew Tridgelladded read/write seek testing
2003-08-14 Jelmer VernooijFile is part of the HOWTO Collection
2003-08-13 Andrew Tridgell- added a raw smb scanner
2003-08-13 Andrew Tridgell- added test for position_information via paths