wintest Remove the password expiry as the first step
[kai/samba.git] / wintest /
2010-12-09 Andrew Bartlettwintest Remove the password expiry as the first step
2010-12-03 Andrew Tridgellwintest: put most of the main program login in
2010-12-01 Andrew Tridgellwintest: cope with w2k3 form of dcdiag output
2010-12-01 Andrew Tridgellwintest: make command matching case insensitive by...
2010-12-01 Andrew Bartlettwintest Another way to work out if a Windows machine...
2010-12-01 Andrew Bartlettwintest Make the new --vms option default to running...
2010-12-01 Andrew Bartlettwintest Set WIN_LCREALM and WIN_BASEDN automatically
2010-12-01 Andrew Bartlettwintest Add a function to shut down all the managed...
2010-12-01 Andrew Bartlettwintest Add automatic dcpromo is the host isn't a DC yet
2010-12-01 Andrew Tridgellwintest: fixed casefold handling in expect calls
2010-12-01 Andrew Tridgellwintest: make expect calls case insensitive by default
2010-12-01 Andrew Tridgellwintest: added --vms option
2010-11-29 Andrew Tridgellwintest: cope with the heimdal version of kinit
2010-11-27 Andrew Tridgellwintest: cope with VMs sometimes not rebooting
2010-11-27 Andrew Tridgellwintest: handle missing firewall commands
2010-11-24 Andrew Tridgellwintest: added an IPv6 address, and use fully qualified...
2010-11-24 Andrew Tridgellwintest: remove reliance on hostname in /etc/hosts
2010-11-24 Andrew Tridgellwintest: fixed interface handling and DNS forwarding
2010-11-23 Andrew Tridgellwintest: tidyups and new conf variables
2010-11-23 Andrew Bartlettwintest Evolve wintest to handle it's own BIND nameserver
2010-11-23 Andrew Bartlettwintest Improve wintest's handling of IP addresses...
2010-11-23 Andrew Bartlettwintest Allow substitute to cope with objects like...
2010-11-23 Andrew Bartlettwintest Set the virtual machine IP to match it's dynami...
2010-11-19 Andrew Tridgellwintest: added del_files, write_file and casefold
2010-11-19 Andrew Tridgellwintest: moved to top level