Revert making public of the samba-module library.
[kai/samba.git] / upgrading-samba4.txt
2011-10-08 Matthias Dieter... s4:upgrading-samba4.txt - fix mistakes reported by...
2011-09-12 Andrew Bartlettdoc: suggest samba-tool dbcheck in upgrading-samba4.txt
2010-09-28 Michael WoodMake upgrade procedure more explicit.
2009-12-01 Andrew BartlettMerge commit 'origin/master' into abartlet-devel
2009-12-01 Andrew BartlettImprove upgrade instructions
2009-11-27 Andrew BartlettFix path to upgradeprovision
2009-11-27 Matthieu Patous4: update What's new and explain how to upgrade a...