new swat icons from Marc Jacobsen @ HP
[kai/samba.git] / swat / images / printers.gif
2003-07-25 Gerald Carternew swat icons from Marc Jacobsen @ HP
2002-04-12 cvs2svn Import UserThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
1998-12-05 Andrew Tridgellreplaced the icons in SWAT with real icons
1998-11-12 Andrew Tridgellchanged the fonts in the images a bit to be readable...
1998-11-12 Herb Lewissmaller images so they fit on one line of a 640/480...
1998-11-11 Herb Lewisnew swat icons
1998-03-15 Andrew Tridgellupdated the images
1998-03-12 Andrew Tridgellsome initial help and images files for swat