rpc_server: Remove references to sidmap from the lsa pipe code.
[kai/samba.git] / source4 / configure.developer
2007-12-21 Stefan Metzmacherr25839: use nss_wrapper code in samba4 if
2007-10-10 Stefan Metzmacherr12128: add --enable-socket-wrapper
2007-10-10 Love Hörnquist Åstrandr8444: make ./configure.mumble CC='ccache cc'
2007-10-10 Andrew Tridgellr322: use the -C option to configure for developers...
2003-08-13 Andrew TridgellThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-08-13 Andrew Tridgellfirst public release of samba4 code