Remove sys_chroot() - libreplace already provides an alternative.
[kai/samba.git] / source3 / smbd / server.c
2008-11-01 Jelmer VernooijRemove sys_chroot() - libreplace already provides an...
2008-10-21 Jelmer VernooijMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-10-19 Jelmer VernooijMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-10-19 Jelmer VernooijMerge branch 'selftest' of git://
2008-10-18 Günther Deschners3-build: fix the build of smbd.
2008-10-18 Jelmer VernooijUse separate make variables for libutil and libcrypto.
2008-10-11 Jelmer VernooijMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-10-11 Jelmer VernooijMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-10-04 Andrew TridgellMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-10-03 Jeremy AllisonSimply our main loop processing. A lot :-). Correctly...
2008-09-14 Stefan MetzmacherMerge Samba3 and Samba4 together
2008-08-14 Jeremy AllisonFix for bug #5688 from SATOH Fumiyasu <fumiyas@osstech...
2008-08-13 Michael Adamsmbd: prevent smbd from panicing with "clustering ...
2008-08-13 Andrew Tridgelladded a explanatory comment on tcon check
2008-08-13 Andrew Tridgellensure we exit with non-zero status on EOF on socket...
2008-08-13 Andrew Tridgellfixed child exit handling and IP release handling
2008-08-13 Andrew Tridgelllog unclean shutdowns
2008-08-13 Andrew Tridgellregister the ctdbd reconfigure message
2008-08-13 Andrew Tridgellfirst cut at adding full transactions for ctdb to samba3
2008-06-26 Michael Adamsmbd: untangle logic in smbd_messaging_context() slightly.
2008-06-26 Michael Adamsmbd: don't panic if messaging_init() fails but return...
2008-05-30 Jeremy AllisonMerge branch 'v3-3-test' of ssh://
2008-05-27 Jeremy AllisonAllow server manager to close open files selected by id.
2008-04-23 Volker LendeckeFix CLEAR_IF_FIRST handling of messages.tdb
2008-04-21 Alexander BokovoyMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of ssh://
2008-04-18 Stefan Metzmachersmbd: create the messaging conntext earlier
2008-04-18 Stefan Metzmachersmbd: call reinit_after_fork() in the needed places
2008-04-18 Stefan Metzmachersmbd: merge "smbd:backgroundqueue=no" option from the...
2008-04-13 Michael Adamregistry: rename init_registry() to registry_init_full...
2008-04-13 Michael Adamregistry: change init_registry() to return WERROR inste...
2008-04-12 Stefan Metzmacherdbwrap: wait for tdb2 change notifies in smbd, nmbd...
2008-04-08 Alexander BokovoyDestroy DMAPI session when main smbd daemon exits.
2008-03-20 rootPort 3c1f1f0797e from 3-0-ctdb
2008-03-18 Andrew Tridgell[samba-3-0-ctdb.tridge @
2008-03-05 Jelmer VernooijMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of ssh://
2008-02-29 Karolin SeegerMerge commit 'origin/v3-2-test' into v3-2-stable
2008-02-21 Jeremy AllisonMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of ssh://
2008-02-18 Tim PotterCheck return code of secrets_init() function.
2008-02-06 Alexander BokovoyMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of ssh://
2008-02-01 Simo SorceMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of ssh://
2008-01-31 Alexander BokovoyMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of ssh://
2008-01-31 Alexander BokovoyMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of ssh://
2008-01-30 Alexander BokovoyMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of ssh://
2008-01-29 Alexander BokovoyMerge branch 'ctdb-merge' into dmapi-integration
2008-01-24 Alexander BokovoyMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of ssh://
2008-01-18 Alexander BokovoyMerge DMAPI fixes from CTDB Samba
2008-01-16 Alexander BokovoyMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of ssh://
2008-01-16 Simo SorceMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of ssh://
2008-01-16 Alexander BokovoyMerge branch 'ctdb-merge' into v3-2-test
2008-01-16 Alexander BokovoyMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of ssh://
2008-01-16 Alexander BokovoyMerge CTDB-related fixes from samba-ctdb 3.0 branch...
2008-01-14 Gerald (Jerry) CarterMerge commit 'samba/v3-2-test' into v3-2-stable
2008-01-12 Jeremy AllisonMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of ssh://
2008-01-10 Jeremy AllisonDon't print out debug messages at level 0 if we can't
2007-12-22 James PeachMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of git://
2007-12-21 Volker LendeckeAdd a global cache
2007-12-19 Jeremy AllisonRemove last_message completely as it's no longer used.
2007-12-18 Volker LendeckeAdd a in-memory cache
2007-12-14 James PeachMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of git://
2007-12-14 Rishi SrivatsavaiRegister the smb service with mDNS if mSDN is supported.
2007-12-10 Jeremy AllisonRemove the char[1024] strings from dynconfig. Replace
2007-12-10 Volker LendeckeTiny simplifications
2007-12-08 Jeremy AllisonRemove next_token - all uses must now be next_token_talloc.
2007-12-07 Jeremy AllisonDon't build rpctorture anymore - not maintained. Just...
2007-11-15 Jeremy AllisonMore pstring removal. This one was tricky. I had to add
2007-11-12 Jeremy AllisonThree more pstring removals.
2007-11-09 Jeremy AllisonRemove more static fstring/pstrings. Fix socket option
2007-11-09 Volker LendeckeRemove the silly "user_socket_options" global variable
2007-11-04 Jeremy AllisonRemove most of the remaining globals out of lib/util_so...
2007-11-04 Jeremy AllisonI can't get away without a 'length' arg. :-).
2007-11-04 Jeremy AllisonStop get_peer_addr() and client_addr() from using global
2007-10-31 Jeremy AllisonFix vfstest link - move socket calls into smbd/process.c
2007-10-31 Jeremy AllisonMake explicit draining the socket on RECVFILE. Add
2007-10-30 Jeremy AllisonAdd new parameter, "min receivefile size" (by default set
2007-10-30 Jeremy AllisonMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of ssh://
2007-10-30 Stefan Metzmacherstart smbd, nmbd and winbindd with the same startup...
2007-10-27 Volker LendeckeTwo patches
2007-10-25 Jeremy AllisonEnsure we don't terminate if we fail to bind to a socket,
2007-10-24 Jeremy AllisonDon't terminate on an invalid address family.
2007-10-24 Jeremy AllisonThis is a large patch (sorry). Migrate from struct...
2007-10-19 Jeremy AllisonFix the popt / bool issues. Some places we used BOOL
2007-10-19 Stefan Metzmacherfix startup of smbd, nmbd, winbindd
2007-10-19 Jeremy AllisonRIP BOOL. Convert BOOL -> bool. I found a few interesting
2007-10-12 Jelmer VernooijMerge branch 'v3-2-stable' into my_branch
2007-10-11 Guenther DeschnerMerge commit 'origin/v3-2-test' into my_branch
2007-10-11 Jeremy AllisonAdd start of IPv6 implementation. Currently most of...
2007-10-10 Gerald (Jerry) Carter[GLUE] Rsync SAMBA_3_2_0 SVN r25598 in order to create...
2007-10-10 Volker Lendecker24809: Consolidate the use of temporary talloc contexts.
2007-10-10 Volker Lendecker24702: Remove the old API pointers
2007-10-10 Stefan Metzmacherr24621: - deferr calling build_options();exit(0);
2007-10-10 Stefan Metzmacherr24599: patch from Karolin Seeger <>:
2007-10-10 Stefan Metzmacherr24029: merge from
2007-10-10 Andrew Tridgellr23784: use the GPLv3 boilerplate as recommended by...
2007-10-10 Andrew Tridgellr23783: Processing the UAS change message was causing...
2007-10-10 Jeremy Allisonr23779: Change from v2 or later to v3 or later.
2007-10-10 James Peachr23510: Tidy calls to smb_panic by removing trailing...
2007-10-10 James Peachr23502: Restore exit-on-idle. Small refactoring...
2007-10-10 Volker Lendecker23410: Merge the core of the cluster code.
2007-10-10 Jeremy Allisonr23272: Fix main event loop - reviewed by Volker.
2007-10-10 Volker Lendecker23241: In preparation for the cluster messaging import...