mkman - add argument for making html versions of man pages
[kai/samba.git] / packaging / SGI /
1998-04-30 Herb Lewismkman - add argument for making html versions of man...
1998-04-28 Herb Lewisfix problem with output file not being properly sorted
1998-03-25 Herb Lewisno longer make smbpasswd setuid root
1998-03-17 Herb Lewisfix typos
1998-03-16 Herb Lewisadd swat to build package
1998-03-02 Herb Lewisadding findsmb perl script to get info on smb machines...
1998-02-11 Herb Lewisremoved old unused test
1998-01-28 Herb Lewisget rid of reference to removed file
1998-01-14 Herb LewisREADME describe inst package version number correctly
1998-01-08 Herb Lewismissing a couple of binary files in the distribution
1997-12-04 Herb Lewisfix typo in directory name
1997-12-01 Herb Lewisfix for systems that don't have PWD environment variabl...
1997-12-01 Herb Lewisdded error checking to scripts
1997-10-31 Herb LewisUpdate file for automatically generating a release