I am removing these from the source code in preparation for an
[kai/samba.git] / examples / smb.conf.default
1997-10-19 Andrew Tridgelladd a section on encryption and change the formatting...
1997-10-18 John TerpstraFixed small typo.
1997-10-17 Andrew Tridgelladd a note about running testparm after modifying smb...
1997-10-17 Andrew Tridgellput the new example config file in here as well
1997-10-13 John TerpstraJHT ==> Getting ready for 1.9.18alpha1.
1997-09-17 John TerpstraJHT ===> More hacks!
1997-07-12 John TerpstraJHT ==> Just tidying up for Release.
1997-07-09 John TerpstraJHT ==> The new SMB.CONF master file for everyone!...