Added some command line argument checking and usage info.
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2001-07-30 Tim PotterIgnore some of the autoconf files.
2001-07-19 Tim PotterAdded some documentation for using -U with -j in order...
2001-06-27 Tim PotterAdded doco for the -d parameter.
2001-06-25 Andrew Tridgellgot rid of the date headers off all text docs
2001-06-21 Gerald Cartermerge from 2.2
2001-06-19 Tim PotterFixed typo.
2001-06-18 Tim PotterFixed typo in nmblookup example.
2001-06-18 Tim PotterFixed typo in configure error message.
2001-06-08 Gerald Cartersyc up docs with 2.2
2001-06-06 Tim PotterCorrection to winbind nss library install process....
2001-06-01 Gerald Carterforgot one
2001-06-01 Gerald Cartersyncing up with SAMBA_2_2
2001-05-29 Tim PotterThe manual page for swat referred to nmblookup in the...
2001-05-15 John TerpstraAdded notes about NetBIOS Scopes.
2001-05-08 Gerald Carteradded some docs in order to keep track of the Samba...
2001-04-28 Andrew Tridgellfixed %u/%U example
2001-04-24 Gerald Cartersyncing up with 2.2
2001-04-24 Gerald Cartersyncing up changes in 2.2
2001-04-19 Gerald Carterbad link
2001-04-19 Gerald Cartermerge from 2.2
2001-04-19 Gerald Cartermeger from 2.2
2001-04-19 Gerald Cartermerge
2001-04-19 Gerald Cartermerge from 2.2
2001-04-19 Gerald Carteranother merge from 2.2
2001-04-19 Gerald Carterlarge sync up with 2.2
2001-04-19 Gerald Cartersyncing up with 2.2
2001-04-19 Gerald Carterbeginning of big merge of docs from 2.2
2001-03-22 Tim PotterUpdated broken links.
2001-03-21 Andrew Tridgelladded "enhanced browsing" option docs
2001-02-28 Gerald Carterautogen stuff
2001-02-28 Gerald Carterfixed typo
2001-02-28 Gerald Carterupdated Makefile to generate howto's and the FAQ
2001-02-28 Gerald Carteradded so that it is not necessary for autoconf to be...
2001-02-28 Gerald Cartersome updates and reorganization
2001-02-27 Gerald Cartermore updates and autogen
2001-02-27 Gerald Carterautogen
2001-02-27 Gerald Carteranother conversion
2001-02-26 Gerald CarterDocBook V4.1 DTD so we are all on the same page
2001-02-26 Gerald CarterISO entity files needed for DocBook V4.1 DTD
2001-02-26 Gerald Carterbeginning on consolidating individual text files.
2001-02-26 Gerald Carterused in AC_INIT(). Contains global entities for DocBoo...
2001-02-26 Gerald Carterupdates to instructions
2001-02-26 Gerald Carterdependencies for individual man pages are handled now
2001-02-23 Gerald Carterplaying with Makefile and autogen
2001-02-23 Gerald Carter'make html` is ugly but it works....
2001-02-23 Gerald Carter'make man' will generate all man pages now
2001-02-23 Gerald Cartermoved rpcclient from section 8 to section 1
2001-02-23 Gerald Carterplaying with autogen files again
2001-02-23 Gerald Cartercouple of updates to remove error message when generating
2001-02-23 Gerald Carterjust saving my changes as I go. These do not work...
2001-02-23 Gerald Cartermore autogen stuff
2001-02-23 Gerald Carterlast files converted!!! Yah!!!! :-)
2001-02-23 Gerald Cartermore updates. Conversion almost done. 2 more man...
2001-02-23 Gerald CarterI'm just checking these in. There not done.
2001-02-23 Gerald Carterautogenerated files....
2001-02-23 Gerald Carteradd a few, fix a few, add a few, fix a few...
2001-02-22 Gerald Cartermore auto generated....
2001-02-22 Gerald Cartersaving this one while I go eat
2001-02-22 Gerald Carterone more down...
2001-02-22 Gerald Cartermake it stop...please, make it stop....
2001-02-22 Gerald Cartersave as we go. More pages done.
2001-02-22 Gerald Carterwhile I was at it.....
2001-02-22 Gerald Carterthere is seemingly no end to these man pages....
2001-02-22 Gerald Cartergetting closer
2001-02-22 Gerald Cartermore updates.....
2001-02-22 Gerald Carterfixed typo
2001-02-22 Gerald Carterand some more....
2001-02-22 Gerald Carterfixed bad link
2001-02-22 Gerald Cartermore updates.....
2001-02-22 Gerald Cartermore converted docs
2001-02-22 Gerald Cartergenerated files
2001-02-22 Gerald Carterhousekeeping and a new SGML source file (findsmb)
2001-02-22 Gerald Carternote about docbook conversion
2001-02-22 Gerald Cartergenerated man page and html version of smb.conf(5)
2001-02-22 Gerald Carterclean things up to fix HTML generation
2001-02-22 Gerald CarterWhew! smb.conf.5.yo completely converted to DocBook...
2001-02-21 Gerald Carterupdate as we go. Almost there....
2001-02-20 Gerald Cartersave as we go. Probably last check in for tonight.
2001-02-20 Gerald Cartermore autogen files from the latest SGML/DocBook checkins
2001-02-20 Gerald Cartermore SGML/DocBook sources
2001-02-19 Gerald Carterautogenated from SGML/DocBook source :-)
2001-02-19 Gerald Carteradded SGML/DocBook for samba(7) man page
2001-02-19 Gerald Carterupdated comments on using DocBook.
2001-01-25 Andrew Tridgellfixed pipe in smb.conf description
2001-01-22 David O'NeillChanges from SAMBA_2_2:
2001-01-10 David O'NeillChanges from APPLIANCE_HEAD:
2001-01-05 David O'NeillMerge ... documentation updates to HEAD. These got...
2000-12-21 Tim PotterDocumentation updates for smbcacls program.
2000-12-16 Jeremy AllisonDocumented -C and -G options to smbcacls.
2000-12-14 Tim PotterUpdated smbcacls documentation.
2000-12-13 Gerald Carterinverted dword value
2000-12-07 Tim PotterFirst cut at a manual page for smbcacls.
2000-12-06 Gerald Carteradded documentation for 'private dir' parameter
2000-12-06 Gerald Carterupdate to reference new documentation in Imprints
2000-12-04 David O'NeillChanges from APPLIANCE_HEAD:
2000-12-04 Andrew Tridgelldocument -U change
2000-12-04 Tim PotterReformatted to look nicer on 80-character screen.
2000-11-28 David BannonFirst Release of the DocBook 'source'.
2000-11-28 David BannonPDC docs, made from DocBook source, comments ?
2000-11-10 Gerald Carteradded more explanation about the required permissions...