JHT ===> Guys, please check this out before release of 1.9.16p10
[kai/samba.git] / docs /
1997-01-31 Samba Release AccountJHT ===> Guys, please check this out before release...
1997-01-09 Samba Release AccountJHT ==> Fixed typo in DOMAIN_CONTROL.txt, added Applica...
1997-01-08 Samba Release AccountAdded patches from Paul Eggert.
1997-01-08 Samba Release AccountAdded new entry.
1996-12-14 Samba Release Accountadded Adital corp to Support.txt
1996-12-14 Samba Release Accountupdated an entry for canberra.
1996-11-19 Samba Release Accountupdated tectronic's entry to include the new contact...
1996-10-25 Samba Release AccountAdded faq directory under docs. Translated the whole...
1996-10-23 Andrew Tridgell- fixed listproc mail address in faq
1996-10-18 Samba Release AccountDid some editing, got frustrated, started converting...
1996-10-09 Andrew Tridgell- updated the ENCRYPTION.txt stuff to point to the...
1996-10-07 Andrew Tridgell- added an entry to the MIRRORS list
1996-10-05 Andrew Tridgell- added a mirror entry and added a new Support.txt...
1996-10-05 Andrew Tridgell- added docs on the new "fake oplocks" option.
1996-10-05 Andrew Tridgell- added a new support entry
1996-10-03 Samba Release AccountAdded a version of tridge's comments on numbering to...
1996-10-02 Samba Release AccountDan
1996-10-02 Samba Release AccountTyop.
1996-10-02 Samba Release AccountEdited doc directory to remove anything that pointed...
1996-09-06 Samba Release AccountUpdated to add the Windows NT password mechanism explai...
1996-08-23 Samba Release AccountDoc updates
1996-08-22 Andrew Tridgellminor fixes to docs
1996-08-22 Samba Release AccountUpdated attribution list.
1996-08-22 Samba Release AccountAdded descriptions of Windows NT Domain Control.
1996-08-22 Samba Release AccountUpdated Aquasoft Entry.
1996-08-21 Andrew Tridgellupdate the docs ready for a new release
1996-08-21 Andrew Tridgell- remove the date markers from the man pages. I never...
1996-08-21 Andrew Tridgell- new faxing doc from Gerhard Zuber <zuber@berlin.snafu.de
1996-08-20 Andrew Tridgellupdate "server string" docs
1996-08-20 Andrew Tridgelladd a bit more about the "trapdoor uid" messsage
1996-08-19 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 1.9.16alpha20
1996-08-19 Andrew Tridgella bunch of man page cleanups from a kind contributor
1996-08-17 Andrew Tridgelladded a note about the homes share and WinDD
1996-08-17 Samba Release Accountchanged the text a bit in Support.txt so that its clear...
1996-08-16 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 1.9.16alpha18
1996-08-16 Andrew Tridgelldocumented the new syntax of lmhosts
1996-08-16 Andrew Tridgell- document the "remote announce" option
1996-08-16 Andrew Tridgelladded Printing.txt and Tracing.txt
1996-08-16 Samba Release AccountJHT ==> Added a GOTCHAS.txt file 16/8/96
1996-08-15 Andrew Tridgelladded notes on the new FAST_SHARE_MODES code
1996-08-13 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 1.9.16alpha17
1996-08-13 Andrew Tridgelldoc updates
1996-08-13 Andrew Tridgell- added docs on new "printer driver" option
1996-08-13 Andrew Tridgellnew docs for japanses extensions from Fujita
1996-08-03 Samba Release AccountTiny bug in doco reported to samba-bugs
1996-07-22 Samba Release AccountSorry for last empty message. Updated file to say...
1996-07-22 Samba Release AccountCVS:
1996-06-19 Samba Release AccountBasic doc changes to keep up to date.
1996-06-10 Andrew Tridgelldocumented the "max disk size" option.
1996-06-08 Andrew Tridgellfixed the apana MIRRORS entry
1996-06-06 Andrew Tridgelladded some notes on the new "interfaces" option
1996-06-04 Samba Release Accountupdated the entry for Phillip Hands
1996-06-04 Andrew TridgellDid more integration of Lukes code ready for the first...
1996-05-31 Andrew TridgellLots of changes!
1996-05-30 Andrew Tridgell- added an entry on WinDD to samba.faq
1996-05-30 Samba Release Accountadded this ages ago, but forgot to put it in cvs
1996-05-29 Andrew Tridgelladded comments about trapdoor uids
1996-05-28 Samba Release Accountadded nimbus to list of mirrors
1996-05-23 Samba Release AccountAdded reference to DIAGNOSIS.txt. Deleted the claim...
1996-05-23 Samba Release AccountUpdated general section to include more about current...
1996-05-23 Samba Release AccountAdded check for something already binding to port 139...
1996-05-20 Samba Release AccountChanged more references of 'nimbus.anu.edu.au/pub/tridg...
1996-05-17 Samba Release AccountMade chang
1996-05-06 Samba Release AccountUpdate the samba.faq file with what was current on...
1996-05-06 Samba Release AccountUpdated references in doco to 'lake.can.....'
1996-05-06 Samba Release Accountadded QNX entry to MIRRORS
1996-05-05 Andrew Tridgelldocumented -W option
1996-05-05 Andrew Tridgellremoved old -S option from nmbd manpage
1996-05-05 Samba Release Accountadded some more support entries from samba-bugs mail
1996-05-04 Samba Release AccountThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
1996-05-04 Samba Release AccountInitial version imported to CVS
1996-05-04 Samba Release AccountInitial version imported to CVS