damn. We need root privilages to do semaphore operations even if we
[kai/samba.git] / WHATSNEW.txt
1997-10-27 Samba Release Accountspelling mistake
1997-10-27 Samba Release Accountupdated header to 1.9.18alpha6
1997-10-25 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 1.9.18alpha5
1997-10-25 Luke Leightonupdated to describe smbclient work recently done.
1997-10-24 Luke Leightonupdated to reflect the current state of play:
1997-10-21 Jeremy AllisonWHATSNEW.txt: Updated for alpha3.
1997-10-21 Jeremy AllisonWHATSNEW.txt: Preparing for 1.9.18alpha2 release.
1997-08-26 Samba Release AccountSpelling, refs to faqs, version numbersing. Dan.
1997-08-26 Samba Release AccountUpdated for 1.9.17 release.
1997-07-31 Samba Release AccountUpdated for 1.9.17alpha5 release.
1997-07-03 Samba Release AccountUpdated in preparation for 1.9.17alpha4 release.
1997-06-28 John TerpstraJHT ==> Been playing again! Whooooooo!
1997-06-06 Samba Release AccountUpdated for 1.9.17alpha3
1997-05-22 Samba Release AccountREADME: Updated for 1.9.17. Andrew no longer listed...