Roadmap to 3.0

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Estimated shipdate : When it is ready.

Current Alpha Release : Samba-3.0alpha20

Goals for 3.0alpha21 Release :

  • Produce RPMs for next alpha snapshot

Road to 3.0

  • (26th Sept, 2002) SAMBA_3_0 cvs branch

    With the release of 3.0alpha20, the SAMBA_3_0 cvs branch is now being officially maintained in an effort to stablize certain features. If you would like to continue to test the soon-to-be-3.0 codease, please use this branch tag when checking out the cvs tree.

Roadmap Overview

This is a feature list/roadmap for the 3.0 release. A lot of discussion has gone on about this. Implementation is a separate discussion :-) If a feature is already done, I marked it as "Req". It should be obvious from this roadmap that one the major hurdles for releasing the 3.0 code base is the completion of documentation updates.

  • X = done
  • o = TODO
  • - = unknown

Some features have been through basic testing that have o's beneath testing column since we are not done. Items are ordered by maturity, not by importance. If it is marked as Required, then it must be completed for a stable 3.0 release.






Release Delaying Features
UNICODE support yes X X o
Windows 2000 AD client support yes X X o
winbind dual-daemon implementation yes X X o
pluggable passdb support yes X X o
Windows NT 4.0 Style Trust Relationship yes X o o
NTLMv2 yes X o o
One Time Migration script from a Windows NT 4.0 PDC to a Samba PDC yes X o o
Winbind working with Samba PDC yes X o o
Loadable RPC implementations yes o o o
hook for utilizing a centralized winbindd id map database yes o o o
Group Mapping support(privileges need some work, etc...) yes o o o
Non-Release Delaying Features
Stackable VFS no X o o
Publishing printers in AD (probably will make 3.0 but will not delay release) no o o o
SAM replication (full implementation still lacks some decoding work; post 3.0) no - - -
SMB signing (needs more research; not a show stopper) no - - -
schannel, ntlmv2 sign & seal (needs more research) no - - -

Plus the following interesting, but non-show stopping projects

  • background updates of print queues via a dedicated process
  • WINS replication with Windows NT WINS servers
  • alternative backend for WINS database

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