s3-auth remove sanitized_username from auth_serversupplied_info
[kai/samba-autobuild/.git] / source3 / auth / server_info_sam.c
2011-08-03 Andrew Bartletts3-auth remove sanitized_username from auth_serversuppl...
2011-06-24 Stefan MetzmacherMerge commit 'release-4-0-0alpha15' into master4-tmp
2011-06-24 Andrew BartlettMerge 2610c05b5b95cc7036b3d6dfb894c6cfbdb68483 as Samba... samba-4.0.0alpha16
2011-06-09 Andrew Bartletts3-param Remove special case for global_myname(), renam...
2011-05-05 Günther Deschners3-auth: run minimal_includes.pl
2011-03-29 Günther Deschners3-auth: use auth.h where needed.
2011-03-29 Günther Deschners3-passdb: add passdb.h where needed.
2010-10-20 Jeremy AllisonMake getpwnam_alloc() static to lib/username.c, and...
2010-08-25 Günther Deschners3-build: only include nsswitch header where needed.
2010-06-07 Simo Sorces3:auth remove unused structure member
2010-06-07 Simo Sorces3:auth handle unix domain sids in samu
2010-05-27 Simo Sorces3:auth Free sampass as soon as we have server_info
2010-05-27 Simo Sorces3:auth use info3 in auth_serversupplied_info
2010-04-11 Volker Lendeckes3: Move make_server_info_sam to auth/server_info_sam.c