pyldb: avoid segfault when adding an element with no name
[kai/samba-autobuild/.git] / selftest / target /
2019-04-11 Tim Bealeselftest: Add new 2-DC testenv for live schema upgrade
2019-03-27 Tim Bealeselftest: Restore IPs 12-16 for selftest client
2019-03-14 Tim Bealeselftest: Add helper function to get interfaces config
2019-03-14 Tim Bealeselftest: Remove secondary client interfaces
2019-03-12 Tim Bealeselftest: Add helper function to create exports file...
2019-03-12 Tim Bealeselftest: Move @exported_envvars into
2019-03-05 Tim Bealeselftest: Map realm to IP address (instead of iface)
2019-03-05 Tim Bealeselftest: Pass realm-to-IP mapping to dns_hub as an...
2019-03-05 Tim Bealeselftest: Cleanup iface mapping
2019-03-05 Tim Bealeselftest: Avoid hard-coding client IP address
2019-03-05 Tim Bealeselftest: Add helper functions to get IP addresses
2019-02-13 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Only set clockskew to 5 seconds for MIT Kerberos
2019-01-15 Stefan MetzmacherMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/v4-10-test' into...
2019-01-15 Stefan Metzmacherselftest: setup_dns_hub
2018-11-30 Gary Lockyers4 smbd standard tests: limit forked processes
2018-11-23 Gary Lockyersource4 smbd test: prefork process restart
2018-11-01 Tim Bealeselftest: Add new customdc testenv that can load any...
2018-10-23 Noel Powerselftest/target: Make sure samba-tool is called with...
2018-08-06 Aaron Haslettselftest: offline backup restore target
2018-07-10 Tim Bealeselftest: Add a 'LABDC' testenv to mimic a preproductio...
2018-07-05 Tim Bealeselftest: Add dedicated RENAMEDC testenv for 'backup...
2018-07-03 Tim Bealeselftest: Add testenv for testing backup/restore
2018-06-28 Tim Bealeselftest: Update MAX_WRAPPED_INTERFACES comment to...
2018-03-19 Stefan Metzmacherselftest: generate a ramdon domain sid during provision...
2018-02-21 Jamie McClymontselftest: move to declaratively specifying environments...
2017-09-25 Tim Bealeselftest: Use a unique hostname/IP for the no_nss testenv
2017-09-25 Tim Bealeselftest: Add new AD DC testenv with NTLM disabled
2017-07-12 Ralph Boehmeselftest: add ad_member_idmap_ad server
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneiders4-torture: Add TORTURE_KRB5_TEST_CLOCK_SKEW test
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneiderselftest: Set clockskew grace time to 5 seconds
2017-04-29 Andreas Schneiderselftest: Setup configs for MIT KDC
2017-04-06 Ralph Boehmeselftest: new environment "ad_member_idmap_rid"
2017-03-27 Douglas Bagnallselftest/target/ Remove whitespace
2017-02-14 Bob Campbellselftest: add vampire_2000_dc environment
2016-10-03 Noel PowerAdd a blackbox tests for id & getent to test domain...
2016-09-27 Andreas Schneiderselftest: Do not use a central credential cache
2016-07-22 Stefan Metzmacherselftest/Samba: copy pkinit@$DOMAIN certificates to...
2016-07-22 Stefan Metzmacherselftest/Samba: remove compat admincert* files
2016-05-24 Michael Adamselftest: systematize formatting of if/elseif/else...
2016-05-24 Michael Adamselftest: improve logic in cleanup_child() with early...
2016-05-24 Michael Adamselftest: improve misleading indentation in cleanup_child()
2016-05-24 Michael Adamselftest: fix printf in cleanup_child()
2016-05-03 Garming Samtests/dns_forwarder: Add testing for DNS forwarding
2016-04-28 Stefan Metzmacherselftest:Samba4: let fl2000dc use Windows2000 supported...
2016-03-17 Stefan Metzmacherselftest: add Samba::prepare_keyblobs() helper function
2015-11-23 Andreas Schneiderselftest: Fix Samba::bindir_path() with a valid directory.
2015-10-20 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Correct comment about MAX_WRAPPED_INTERFACES
2015-07-16 Andreas Schneiderselftest: Do not lookup the realm with Kerberos
2015-07-01 Robin Hackselftest: Add setup_fileserver()
2015-06-08 Adrian Cochraneselftest: Remove binary mappings from the build system.
2015-03-27 Stefan Metzmacherselftest: use dns_lookup_* = true in krb5.conf
2015-03-17 Michael Adamselftest: rename env member to nt4_member
2015-03-16 Michael Adamselftest: rename env s3dc_schannel to nt4_dc_schannel
2015-03-16 Michael Adamselftest: rename env s3dc to nt4_dc
2015-03-16 Michael Adamselftest: rename env plugin_s4_dc to ad_dc
2015-02-23 Andreas Schneidertorture: Add netr_setPassword(2) schannel test.
2015-01-23 Andrew Bartletttorture-krb5: Add tests for combinations of enterprise...
2014-12-19 Stefan Metzmacherselftest: use shared/
2014-09-04 Andreas Schneiderselftest: Fix selftest where pid is used uninitialized.
2014-01-17 Andreas Schneiderselftest: Use the absolute path to
2013-11-13 Stefan MetzmacherMerge branch 'master' of ctdb into 'master' of samba
2013-07-04 Andreas Schneiderselftest: Use higher ip numbers.
2013-07-02 Andreas Schneiderselftest: Use higher ip numbers.
2013-03-09 Christof SchmittAdd testcase for idmap_rfc2307 module
2012-10-03 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Always build a linux-style nss_winbind for...
2012-07-06 Andrew Bartletts4-selftest: Test samba-tool domain dcpromo
2012-05-15 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Remove tests for security=server
2012-03-04 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Use fork()/exec() rather than system()
2012-03-02 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Establish a registry of socket wrapper IPs
2012-02-23 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Do not skip environments that fail to start up
2012-02-13 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Allow setup_env() to signal that an environme...
2012-02-01 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Remove unused support for --exeext
2011-08-26 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Allow a krb5.conf to be generated that covers...
2011-06-24 Stefan MetzmacherMerge commit 'release-4-0-0alpha15' into master4-tmp
2011-06-24 Andrew BartlettMerge 2610c05b5b95cc7036b3d6dfb894c6cfbdb68483 as Samba... samba-4.0.0alpha16
2011-05-08 Andrew Bartlettselftest Use die() less often, as it fails to allow...
2011-04-28 Andrew Bartlettselftest: s3member admember test to confirm s3/s4 inter...
2011-04-28 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Make overwrite of $env->{target} optional
2011-04-27 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Make bindir_path much less complex
2011-04-19 Andrew Bartlettselftest Consolidate server wall clock time limits
2011-04-19 Andrew Bartlettselftest Add combined 'Samba' target module