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2010-10-02 Volker Lendeckes3: Fix a 64-bit BUG
2010-10-01 Günther Deschnersamba: share select wrappers.
2010-09-30 Jelmer Vernooijsubunit: Import new upstream snapshot (adds subunit_pro...
2010-09-30 Jelmer Vernooijtesttools: Import new upstream snapshot.
2010-09-29 Andrew Tridgellutil: added BINARY_ARRAY_SEARCH_V()
2010-09-28 Jelmer Vernooijldb/tevent: Fix detection of waf paths.
2010-09-28 Jelmer Vernooijtevent: Remove make targets that are not relevant for...
2010-09-28 Jelmer Vernooijtevent: Don't update Makefile/configure files.
2010-09-28 Stefan Metzmachertsocket: make sure we delete the fd event before callin...
2010-09-27 Volker LendeckeRemove talloc_autofree_context() from pm_process
2010-09-27 Volker LendeckeLift talloc_autofree_context() from OpenConfFile()
2010-09-27 Michael Adamlibsmbconf: parse an empty share as empty share, not...
2010-09-27 Stefan Metzmacherlib/util: change tevent_req_nterror() to a macro
2010-09-27 Rusty Russelltdb: fix non-WAF build, commit 1.2.6 ABI file.
2010-09-27 Rusty Russelltdb: TDB_INCOMPATIBLE_HASH, to allow safe changing...
2010-09-27 Rusty Russelltdb: automatically identify Jenkins hash tdbs
2010-09-27 Rusty Russelltdb: add Bob Jenkins lookup3 hash as helper hash.
2010-09-26 Stefan Metzmacherlib/util/asn1: add asn1_peek_tag_needed_size() and...
2010-09-25 Jelmer Vernooijpyteven: Fix build warnings.
2010-09-25 Jelmer VernooijCheck in configure/Makefile for those projects that...
2010-09-25 Jelmer Vernooijpytevent: Add more tests.
2010-09-25 Jelmer Vernooijpytevent: Fill in client side fnuctions.
2010-09-25 Jelmer Vernooijtevent: Add infrastructure for python bindings.
2010-09-25 Jelmer Vernooijtevent: Switch to using waf by default.
2010-09-25 Volker Lendecketalloc: Add a warning about talloc_autofree_context...
2010-09-23 Volker Lendecketdb: add restore
2010-09-23 Jelmer Vernooijtorture: Remove unused variable.
2010-09-23 Andrew Tridgelllib-subunit: fixed build on systems without subunit...
2010-09-23 Jelmer Vernooijsmbtorture: Report times.
2010-09-23 Jelmer Vernooijtorture: Use system subunit library if available.
2010-09-23 Jelmer Vernooijsmbtorture: Use subunit C library.
2010-09-22 Björn Jackelibreplace: fix endless strerror_r has been redefined...
2010-09-22 Jelmer Vernooijtorture: Remove active_testname variable.
2010-09-22 Jelmer Vernooijtorture: Fix running individual tests.
2010-09-22 Jelmer Vernooijstrlist: Make test names unique.
2010-09-22 Björn Jacketevent: include libreplace heade before tevent header
2010-09-21 Jelmer Vernooijpytalloc: Add default compare function.
2010-09-21 Jelmer Vernooijpidl: Fix segfault when accessing unicode objects.
2010-09-20 Günther Deschnerlib/tdb: fix c++ build warning in tdb_header_hash().
2010-09-20 Jelmer VernooijMerge branch 'v4-0-stable' into newmaster
2010-09-20 Volker Lendeckes3: Fix the charset_pull routine (bug 7531)
2010-09-19 Jelmer Vernooijtesttools: Import newer upstream revision.
2010-09-19 Jelmer Vernooijpytdb: Make filename argument optional.
2010-09-19 Kirill Smelkovpytdb: Add support for tdb_freelist_size()
2010-09-19 Kirill Smelkovpytdb: Add support for tdb_transaction_prepare_commit()
2010-09-19 Kirill Smelkovpytdb: Add support for tdb_enable_seqnum, tdb_get_seqnu...
2010-09-19 Kirill Smelkovpytdb: Update open flags to match those for tdb_open...
2010-09-19 Kirill Smelkovpytdb: Fix repr segfault for internal db
2010-09-19 Kirill Smelkovpytdb: Add support for tdb_add_flags() & tdb_remove_flags()
2010-09-17 Björn Jackelib/util: usec_time_diff takes arguments the other...
2010-09-16 Björn Jackes3/s4: merge msleep and smb_msleep
2010-09-16 Andrew Tridgelltdb: added TDB_NO_FSYNC env variable
2010-09-15 Volker LendeckeFix a typo
2010-09-15 Andrew Tridgelltsocket: we return -1 on error, not fd
2010-09-15 Andrew Tridgelltalloc: fixed spelling errors in comment
2010-09-14 Jeremy AllisonEnsure incoming timespec values correctly wrap at nsecs.
2010-09-14 Björn Jackelibreplace: use CLOCK_HIGHRES when available
2010-09-14 Stefan Metzmachertdb: add ABI/tdb-1.2.4.sigs
2010-09-14 Jelmer Pass through milliseconds in time reports.
2010-09-13 Stefan Metzmacherlib/tdb: change version to 1.2.4 after hash checking...
2010-09-13 Rusty Russelltdb: put example hashes into header, so we notice incor...
2010-09-13 Rusty Russelltdb: fix tdb_check() on other-endian tdbs.
2010-09-13 Rusty Russelltdb: fix tdb_check() on read-only TDBs to actually...
2010-09-13 Rusty Russelltdb: make check more robust against recovery failures.
2010-09-11 Matthias Dieter... lib/replace/wscript:Tru64 build - Better use version...
2010-09-11 Matthias Dieter... lib/replace:wscript - additional attempt to fix the...
2010-09-11 Matthias Dieter... lib/replace:wscript - don't check twice for type "bool"
2010-09-11 Matthias Dieter... lib/replace:wscript - attempt to fix the features detec...
2010-09-10 Björn Jackelibreplace: clock_gettime sets errno
2010-09-09 Günther Deschnerlib/util: remove some unused_result warnings.
2010-09-07 Björn Jackelib/util: add time_mono() for monotonic time a la time()
2010-09-04 Jelmer Vernooijdnspython: Update to latest upstream.
2010-09-04 Jelmer Vernooijsubunit: Import latest upstream.
2010-09-04 Jelmer Vernooijtesttools: Import latest upstream.
2010-09-04 Andrew Tridgellutil: added samba_start_debugger()
2010-09-02 Andrew Tridgellpidl-python: cope with NULL pointers in more places
2010-09-02 Andrew Tridgellpytalloc: treat a NULL ptr as Py_None
2010-08-31 Björn Jacketdb/waf: the deps for rt are provided by libreplace
2010-08-31 Björn Jackereplace/waf: add rt to deps at this place
2010-08-31 Björn Jackelib/util: add nsec_time_diff to calulate diffs from...
2010-08-31 Björn Jackelib/util: add function to query the monotonic clock...
2010-08-31 Björn Jackelibreplace: make a define for a best effort monotonic...
2010-08-31 Björn Jackelibreplace: add clock_gettime replacement function...
2010-08-31 Björn Jackelibreplace/waf: look for clock_gettime
2010-08-31 Björn Jackelibreplace: move detection of clock_gettime to libreplace
2010-08-31 Björn Jackelibreplace: move gettimeofday TZ arg check here
2010-08-28 Stefan Metzmacherlib/util: remove implicit discard_const_p() from SAFE_F...
2010-08-28 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "lib/tsocket: sa_socklen is a macro on irix...
2010-08-27 Stefan Metzmacherlib/tsocket: sa_socklen is a macro on irix, so better...
2010-08-25 Andrew Tridgellpytalloc: fixed py_talloc_steal()
2010-08-25 Andrew Tridgells4-pytalloc: use better names for python talloc objects
2010-08-23 Jelmer Vernooijreplace: Fix ifndefs for formatting defines.
2010-08-23 Andrew Tridgelllibreplace: fixed the strptime() waf test
2010-08-22 Jelmer VernooijUse DocBook DTD rather than Samba one, as no Samba...
2010-08-18 James Peachsmbtorture: Emit correct test results if setup fails.
2010-08-17 Volker Lendeckes3: Fix a ton of type-punned warnings
2010-08-15 Volker Lendeckes3: Fix a typo
2010-08-14 Matthias Dieter... talloc:documentation - explain that "talloc_free" works...
2010-08-13 Rusty Russelltdb: workaround starvation problem in locking entire...
2010-08-13 Björn Jacketdb: add TDB_DEPS variable filled with required libraries