debug: new debug class for kerberos
[kai/samba-autobuild/.git] / lib / util / debug.c
2017-06-30 Andrew Bartlettdebug: new debug class for kerberos
2017-04-18 Jeremy Allisonlib: debug: Avoid negative array access.
2017-03-29 Gary Lockyerauth_log: Add JSON logging of Authorisation and Authent...
2017-03-29 Andrew Bartlettdebug: Add debug class for auth_audit
2017-02-11 Andrew Bartlettdebug: Do not depend on the whole of samba_util.h
2017-01-20 Ralph Boehmedebug: add "ringbuf" backend logging to a ringbuffer
2017-01-20 Ralph Boehmedebug: parse, store and pass backend option
2016-12-09 Anoop C Slib/util: Fix indentation within routine description...
2016-12-08 Anoop C Slib/util: Fix input arguments description for dbghdrcla...
2016-12-02 Andreas Schneiderutil: Initialize pointer
2016-10-13 Volker Lendeckedebug: Fix a few signed/unsigned hickups
2016-06-26 Andreas Schneiderlibutil: Support systemd 230
2016-05-12 Michael Adamdebug: fix -O3 warning - unused return code of write()
2015-11-06 Mathieu ParentFix various spelling errors
2015-07-16 Uri Simchonilib/util: include config.h before any glibc headers
2015-07-01 Ralph Boehmetevent: add and use debug class for tevent
2015-07-01 Ralph Boehmedebug: get rid of DBGC_MAX_FIXED
2015-06-10 Christof Schmittdebug: Change syslog priority mapping to match new...
2015-06-03 Volker Lendeckedebug: Fix default log levels
2015-04-08 Andreas Schneiderwaf: Fix systemd detection
2015-03-25 Stefan Metzmacherlib/util: fix the default code path for debug_set_setti...
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Add GPFS tracing backend
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Add lttng backend
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Add systemd backend
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Remove now unused syslog variables from debug_se...
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Simplify Debug1
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Use backends instead of explicitly logging to...
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Remove codepath to open file in Debug1
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Set backends from logging parameter in smb.conf
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Add syslog backend
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Add file backend
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Add infrastructure for supporting multiple backends
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Move mapping from level to syslog priority to...
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Move logging to callback to separate function
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Always store short version of prog_name in debug...
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Remove some unneeded function declarations
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittdebug: Remove FORMAT_BUFR_MAX, use FORMAT_BUFR_SIZE...
2015-02-16 Andrew Bartlettdebug: Set close-on-exec for the main log file FD
2014-12-28 Volker Lendeckelib: Simplify check_log_size
2014-12-17 Stefan Metzmacherlib/util: provide a dbgtext_va() function which takes...
2014-10-13 Martin Schwenkelib/util: Add RFC3339 timestamp support to timeval_str_...
2014-09-19 Martin Schwenkedebug: Standalone compile without includes.h
2014-08-01 Volker Lendeckelib: Make close_low_fd() independently linkable
2014-08-01 Volker Lendeckedebug: Use close_low_fd in reopen_logs_internal
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Avoid dependency on str_list_make
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Fix blank line endings
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Increase maximum header length
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: In dbghdrclass, don't call strlen repeatedly
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Fix a typo
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Simplify debug_parse_levels
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Simplify Debug1() -- no va_args
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Remove an "else"
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Remove two pointless assignments
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Only call Debug1 once in dbghdrclass
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Move adding timeval and loglevel
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: slprintf->snprintf
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Use timeval_str_buf in dbghdrclass
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Simplify dbghdrclass with an early return
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckelib: Create time_basic.[ch]
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Statically allocate format_bufr
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Fix debug_parse_params
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Make Debug1 static
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Remove a dependency on charconv
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Factor out debug_parse_param()
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Move variables where they are used
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Fix indentation in debug_parse_params
2014-07-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Remove thread-related code from debug.c
2014-07-30 Michael Adamlib/util: remove outdated comment from debug.c
2013-11-13 Stefan MetzmacherMerge branch 'master' of ctdb into 'master' of samba
2013-07-09 Stefan Metzmacherlib/util: add 'ldb' debug class
2013-05-16 Kai Blindebug: Add debugclass for DNS server
2013-04-18 Gregor Becks3:smbd: add a scavenger process for disconnected durab...
2012-12-07 Tsukasa HamanoFix bug #9471 - SEGV when using second vfs module.
2012-06-11 Andrew Bartlettdebug: Do not constantly rename logs when max log size = 0
2012-06-01 Jeremy AllisonRemove an unused variable.
2012-03-08 Andrew Bartlettlib/util: Add a callback facility for debug messages
2012-03-04 Andrew Bartlettchange low FDs are handled in Samba
2011-11-16 Stefan Metzmacherlib/util/debug: with log level = 10 we should be more...
2011-07-19 Andrew Bartlettdebug: log early messages to stdout, and keep it open
2011-06-24 Stefan MetzmacherMerge commit 'release-4-0-0alpha15' into master4-tmp
2011-06-24 Andrew BartlettMerge 2610c05b5b95cc7036b3d6dfb894c6cfbdb68483 as Samba... samba-4.0.0alpha16
2011-05-13 Andrew Bartlettlib/util/ Fix crash bug caused by gfree_debug()
2011-04-04 Andrew Tridgelldebug: default debug to stderr
2011-03-31 Volker Lendeckedebug: Restore the s3-style check in check_log_size()
2011-03-29 Andrew Tridgelldebug: ignore debug_set_logfile() with a blank string
2011-03-04 Andrew Tridgelldebug: fixed a valgrind error
2011-03-01 Andrew Bartlettlib/util: new merged debug system
2011-03-01 Andrew Bartlettlib/util move debug.[ch] out of the way
2010-11-24 Andrew Bartlettlib/debug Add clarifying comments
2010-11-04 Andrew Tridgelldebug: fixed default debug settings
2010-11-02 Andrew Bartlettdebug Explain the behaviour of setup_logging() more...
2010-11-02 Andrew Bartlettlib/debug Use vdprintf rather than manually allocate
2010-11-01 Andrew Bartlettlib/util Remove setup_logging_stdout()
2010-04-02 Andrew Tridgelldebug: enable talloc logging
2009-06-29 Andrew BartlettFix ndrdump to use a common setup_logging() API
2009-06-11 Andrew BartlettFix build of recurusion fix in reopen_logs()
2009-06-11 Andrew BartlettDon't recurse in reopen_logs().
2009-02-05 Jelmer VernooijMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-02-02 Stefan Metzmacherlib/util: s/class/dclass
2008-10-21 Jelmer VernooijMerge branch 'selftest' of git://