torture-krb5: Provide a generic handler to catch and print unexpected KRB_ERROR packets
[kai/samba-autobuild/.git] / lib / ntdb /
2015-01-22 Petr ViktorinRemove use of the "staticforward" macro
2014-11-28 Andreas Schneiderntdb: Fix control reaches end of non-void function.
2014-06-20 Michael Adamntdb:build: improve detection of srcdir
2014-04-02 Stefan Metzmacherlib/ntdb: explicitly use allow_warnings=True for ntdb...
2014-01-09 Matthias Dieter... samba:python - Py_RETURN_NONE remove compatibility...
2013-12-07 Christian Ambachlib/ntdb optimize includes in ntdb tools
2013-12-07 Christian Ambachlib/ntdb optimize includes in ntdb tests
2013-12-07 Christian Ambachlib/ntdb correct includes in private header
2013-12-07 Christian Ambachlib/ntdb fix compilation when libreplace is not around
2013-12-06 Jelmer Vernooijpyntdb: Add tests for Python API.
2013-12-06 Jelmer Vernooijpyntdb: Don't segfault when passing in None as filename...
2013-12-06 Jelmer Vernooijpyntdb: Don't allow access after a database is closed.
2013-11-19 Günther Deschnerdocs: remove duplicate mention of "ntdbtool" in ntdbtoo...
2013-11-16 Jelmer VernooijRelease ntdb 1.0.
2013-11-13 Stefan MetzmacherMerge branch 'master' of ctdb into 'master' of samba
2013-10-11 Andreas Schneiderntdb: Make sure variables passed by value are initialized.
2013-08-21 Karolin Seegerntdbtool.8.xml: Bump version up to 4.1.
2013-08-21 Karolin Seegerntdbrestore.8.xml: Bump version up to 4.1.
2013-08-21 Karolin Seegerntdbdump.8.xml: Bump version up to 4.1.
2013-08-21 Karolin Seegerntdbbackup.8.xml: Bump version up to 4.1.
2013-08-21 Karolin Seegerntdb.3.xml: Bump version up to 4.1.
2013-08-19 Rusty RussellMan pages for ntdb tools missing
2013-07-17 Bill ParkerFix bug 10025 - Lack of Sanity Checking in calls to...
2013-05-28 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Remove autoconf build system
2013-04-12 Rusty Russellautoconf: build in NTDB.
2013-03-23 Rusty Russellntdb: don't call open hook when re-opening an existing...
2013-03-15 Andrew Bartlettntdb: Cast getpid() result to unsigned int for GNU...
2013-02-20 Rusty Russellntdb: fix database corruption when transaction doesn...
2012-10-08 Rusty Russellntdb: remove unused local variable.
2012-09-25 Pierre Lejeunepyntdb: Fix init function for ntdb python module.
2012-09-23 Andrew Bartlettntdb: Try to fix the build on Solaris which does not...
2012-07-30 Andrew Bartlettlib/ntdb: Fix format string errors found by -Werror...
2012-06-29 Rusty Russellccan: we're subsystems, not a library.
2012-06-22 Rusty Russellntdb: take advantage of direct access across expand.
2012-06-22 Rusty Russellntdb: test arbitrary operations during ntdb_parse_record().
2012-06-22 Rusty Russellntdb: make database read-only during ntdb_parse() callback.
2012-06-22 Rusty Russellntdb: allow direct access for NTDB_INTERNAL dbs during...
2012-06-22 Rusty Russellntdb: enhancement to allow direct access to the ntdb...
2012-06-22 Rusty Russellntdb: don't munmap the database on every close.
2012-06-22 Rusty Russellntdb: hand correct error code when alloc_read allocatio...
2012-06-22 Rusty Russellntdb: respect TDB_NO_FSYNC flag for 'make test'
2012-06-21 Jelmer VernooijAdd --disable-ntdb option for building.
2012-06-20 Rusty Russellntdb: fix occasional abort in testing.
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: add autoconf support.
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: update documentation.
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: optimize ntdb_fetch.
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: add -h arg to ntdbrestore
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: reduce default hashsize on ntdbtorture.
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: add NTDB_ATTRIBUTE_HASHSIZE
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: remove hash table trees.
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: special accessor functions for read/write of...
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: inline oob check
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: allocator attribute.
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: still prepare recovery area with NTDB_NOSYNC.
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: simply disallow NULL names.
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: reduce transaction pagesize from 64k to 16k.
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: remove last block transactoin logic.
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: create initial database to be multiple of NTDB_PG...
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: make sure file is always a multiple of PAGESIZE...
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: fix recovery data write.
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: enhance external-helper test code.
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: use NTDB_LOG_WARNING level for failed open()...
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: make fork test more thorough.
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: print \n at end of log messages in tests.
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: reduce race between creating file and getting...
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: catch any valgrind errors in test
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: catch any valgrind errors in test
2012-06-19 Rusty Russellntdb: remove ntdb_error()
2012-06-19 Rusty RussellTDB2: Goodbye TDB2, Hello NTDB.