More illustrations
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2012-01-13 Kai BlinMore script for the technical part
2012-01-11 Kai BlinStarting on main talk
2012-01-10 Kai BlinMore slides
2012-01-09 Kai BlinTaking changes home
2012-01-09 Kai BlinMore updates
2012-01-08 Kai BlinUpdate illustrations
2012-01-08 Kai BlinGet rid of fair-use pictures, replace with PD/own
2012-01-06 Kai BlinMore slides, and pictures.
2011-12-25 Kai BlinMore fiddling with layout, add some empty slides of...
2011-12-23 Kai BlinMore work on the title slide
2011-12-23 Kai BlinFinally figured out how to correctly scale logo
2011-12-17 Kai BlinAdd deck.js slide deck with basic layout