2009-09-13 Kai Blinldap: Add ldap lookup benchmark master
2009-09-12 Kai BlinTODO: Itemize the feature list
2009-09-12 Kai Blingroup: Add benchmark
2009-09-12 Kai Blinuser: Add net user add/net user delete benchmark
2009-09-11 Kai BlinAdd ad-bench master scritpt, prettyfy output.
2009-09-10 Kai Blinjoin: Add a benchmark for join/leave
2009-09-10 Kai Blinutils: Fix get_nt_dom routine, add tests
2009-09-09 Kai Blinutils: Fix old kinit detection, remove whitespace errors
2009-09-09 Kai Blintime_kinit: Rewrite to make more readable
2009-09-08 Kai BlinAdd todo items from IRC log
2009-09-08 Kai BlinAlternative solution for kinit, using expect.
2009-09-08 Kai Blintime_kinit: Add more time precision, handle different...
2009-09-05 Kai Blintime_kinit: Test 100 cycles, not 10
2009-08-26 Kai BlinInitial commit of the Active Directory benchmark scripts.