2016-06-23 Guy HarrisFix "disable this protocol by default". master
2016-06-23 Pascal QuantinLTE RRC: fix display of info column when receiving...
2016-06-23 Benjamin Coddingtonpacket-nfs: add extent decoding for SCSI layouts
2016-06-23 dz-msfcNASA provided LTP and DTN updates
2016-06-23 Jens KilianIncrease MAX_DISSECTOR_ADDR_TYPE.
2016-06-23 Dario Lombardobthci: add missing break (CID 1362832)
2016-06-23 Guy HarrisFix some of the brokenness in the PRP redundancy contro...
2016-06-23 Guy HarrisNo pcap, no live capture, so no auto_scroll_live.
2016-06-23 Dario LombardoQt: quit the UI if WIRESHARK_QUIT_AFTER_CAPTURE is...
2016-06-23 Michael MannAdd LACP "flag strings"
2016-06-23 Chris BrandsonZigBee updated ZDO support to comply with R22
2016-06-23 João ValverdeIPv6: Don't check payload length for ICMPv6 encapsulation
2016-06-23 Guy HarrisSquelch some 64-bit-to-32-bit-shortening warnings.
2016-06-23 Gerald CombsQt: Use queued signals+slots for filter actions
2016-06-23 Uli HeilmeierHTTP: Split URI into path and query. Tokenize parameters.
2016-06-23 Jeff MorrissRTP player: increase the maximum number of silence...
2016-06-23 Gerald CombsQt: Support the -j, -J, and -l command line flags
2016-06-23 John A. ThackerEditcap: Fix setting of max_packet_number
2016-06-22 Pascal QuantinWindows: rename wiretap-${PROJECT_VERSION}.dll to libwi...
2016-06-22 Michael MannDon't close Wireshark (GTK) if user cancels Save on...
2016-06-22 Michael MannDon't close Wireshark (Qt) if user cancels Save on...
2016-06-22 Gerald CombsHandle ENAMETOOLONG.
2016-06-22 Guy HarrisNo GeoIP, no need for geoip_none_.
2016-06-22 Gerald CombsQt: Fix crash in Conversations and Endpoints dialogs
2016-06-22 Alexis La GoutteSSH: Fix Dead Store (Dead assignement/Dead increment...
2016-06-22 Gerald CombsQt: Make the syntax line edit less greedy.
2016-06-22 Balint ReczeyGTK: Keep display filter applied when switching profiles
2016-06-22 Michael MannAdd address_to_bytes API.
2016-06-22 Gerald CombsQt: Clear the packet list selection before freezing it.
2016-06-22 Michael MannMove AT_VINES address type to VINES dissector.
2016-06-22 Michael MannMove AT_USB to inside USB dissector.
2016-06-21 Guy HarrisThe C standard requires <stdlib.h> for getenv() and...
2016-06-21 Joerg MayerMore helpful failure when registration fails.
2016-06-21 Guy HarrisAs with dissector_add_uint(), so with dissector_add_...
2016-06-21 Joerg MayerSlightly improve error message in case of initializatio...
2016-06-21 Martin Kacertshark JSON and Elasticsearch output fix
2016-06-21 Pascal Quantinlibcodecs and libwsutil are DLLs, not static libraries
2016-06-21 AndersBromanAdd a couple of vendor defines.
2016-06-21 AndersBroman[H248-Q1950] Correct signal ids.
2016-06-21 Anthony Coddingtonpcap: ERF per-Host ID/Source ID interface support
2016-06-21 Yang Luopcap: Add support to "new" Npcap native mode without...
2016-06-21 Stig Bjørlykkebthci: Show unknown ocf as undecoded
2016-06-21 Stig Bjørlykkepacketlogger: Add some info types
2016-06-21 Dario Lombardodebian-setup: add additional params to apt-get.
2016-06-21 Michael MannCheck for negative nanoseconds in io,stat tap.
2016-06-21 Jeff Laytonceph: c_dissect_sockaddr doesn't need the "data" pointer
2016-06-21 Rudra RuggeAdd support for Opencontrail virtual network
2016-06-20 AndersBroman[RNSAP]Update to V13.1.0 (2015-12)
2016-06-20 AndersBroman[pre-commit-ignore] Dont check the asn1 files they...
2016-06-20 Guy HarrisPull the options structure initialization into commandl...
2016-06-20 Michael MannAdd display filter completion suggestions to color...
2016-06-20 Michael MannAdd field completion suggestions when adding a Display...
2016-06-20 Gerald CombsGTK+: Truncate simple_message_box messages.
2016-06-20 Martin Kaiserqt: reset the column sorting when a new file is loaded
2016-06-20 Pascal QuantinAdd JSON export to Qt/GTK UI
2016-06-20 Guy HarrisProtect some code that's only for Wireshark-with-pcap.
2016-06-19 Guy HarrisMove some option checking to common code.
2016-06-19 Guy HarrisDon't assume we successfully read the configuration...
2016-06-19 Guy HarrisDon't assume we have an array of GeoIP databases.
2016-06-19 Guy HarrisPass the info strings directly to commandline_early_opt...
2016-06-19 Guy HarrisHandle capture options in pcap-less Wireshark in the...
2016-06-19 Guy HarrisFix indentation.
2016-06-19 Guy HarrisThose aren't capture options, they're the options we...
2016-06-19 Michael MannAbility to invoke "Decode As..." as command-line argume...
2016-06-19 Guy HarrisGet rid of an unused variable.
2016-06-19 Guy HarrisGet rid of an unused variable; set a structure member.
2016-06-19 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2016-06-19]
2016-06-19 Pascal QuantinRevert "tap: change glib functions to wmem."
2016-06-19 Joerg MayerAdd modelines
2016-06-19 Joerg MayerCalculate and print CWmin and CWmax in addition to...
2016-06-19 Guy HarrisFix problems when compiling without pcap.
2016-06-19 Guy HarrisPut #ifdef/#endif around a variable used only on Windows.
2016-06-19 Michael MannRefactor command-line handling of GUI options.
2016-06-19 Peter Wucmake: add PIDL dissector generation support
2016-06-18 Binh TrinhDCE/RPC: fix array of pointers with NULL
2016-06-18 Chris BrandsonZigBee dissector added support for the Power Negotiatio...
2016-06-18 Michael MannGTPv2: Use proto_tree_add_bitmask
2016-06-17 Samiran SahaMKA: tvbrange for all subtrees corrected
2016-06-17 Kenny Rootssh: add RSA host key printing
2016-06-17 Kenny Rootssh: add hostkey information
2016-06-17 Binh TrinhDiameter-3GPP: add AVP 21 RAT-Type decoding
2016-06-17 Joerg MayerAdd an expert item to asure that aifsn is at least 2
2016-06-17 Dario Lombardotap: change glib functions to wmem.
2016-06-17 Binh TrinhGTPV2: add decoding of ECI into enodebid and cellid
2016-06-17 Jens KilianQt: Fix a compile error occurring on RedHat Enterprise...
2016-06-17 Alexis La Goutteautotool: Add -Wc99-extensions CFLAGS
2016-06-17 Martin Kacertshark JSON and Elasticsearch output
2016-06-17 Peter Wuidl2wrs: fix more bad strndups
2016-06-17 João Valverdemswsp: Remove null check (CID1355407)
2016-06-16 João ValverdeAlign AUTHORS.src column
2016-06-16 João ValverdeLDSS: Add an assertion (CID280539,CID280540)
2016-06-16 Gerald CombsQt: Add "Copy As…" to VoIP Calls.
2016-06-16 João ValverdeCANopen: Check array bounds for untrusted index (CID...
2016-06-16 Gerald CombsAdd a sequence analysis wishlist item.
2016-06-16 Martin Kaiserlemon: use a define for fseek()'s whence parameter
2016-06-16 Victor Barrataultldap: added modify-increment operation identification...
2016-06-16 Alexis La GoutteDEC DNART: Fix Dead Store (Dead assignement/Dead increm...
2016-06-16 Alexis La GoutteSITA: Fix Dead Store (Dead assignement/Dead increment...
2016-06-16 Michael MannDCE/RPC proto_tree_add_boolean -> proto_tree_add_bitmas...
2016-06-16 Jaap KeuterAdd Cisco ttag dissector