2015-03-04 Daniel Wagnerlease02: Do a lock-unlock sequence instead of lock... master
2015-03-03 Daniel Wagnerposix04: add new "posix04" test
2015-03-03 Daniel WagnerPrint leading zeros after decimal point
2015-02-19 Jeff Laytongnulib: clean up gnulib invocation
2015-02-19 Daniel Wagnerlease02: add new "lease02" test
2015-02-19 Daniel Wagnerlease01: add new "lease01" test
2013-09-09 Jeff Laytonposix03: clean up and integrate into lockperf framework
2013-09-09 Jeff Laytonposix03: add new "posix03" test
2013-09-06 Jeff Laytonposix01: allow child process to yield CPU after unlocking
2013-08-31 Jeff Laytonposix01: add "verbose" flag
2013-06-09 Jeff Laytonstats: comment out less interesting output fields
2013-06-09 Jeff Laytonharness: remove $arg before running
2013-06-08 Jeff Laytonstats.pl: eliminate unneeded regex
2013-06-08 Jeff Laytonharness: fix braino with $destdir
2013-06-08 Jeff Laytonflock: add tests for flock() performance
2013-06-08 Jeff Laytonstats: add a perl script for postprocessing runs
2013-06-08 Jeff Laytonposix02: double the number of locks
2013-06-08 Jeff Laytonharness: add test harness script
2013-06-08 Jeff Laytonposix0[1,2]: remove extraneous output labels
2013-06-08 Jeff LaytonRename perf1 and perf2 to posix01 and posix02
2013-06-04 Jeff Laytonperf1: don't close the file in critical section
2013-06-04 Jeff Laytonperf2: add stats gathering
2013-06-04 Jeff Laytonperf1: add some stats gathering
2013-06-04 Jeff Laytongnulib: add timespec-add/sub definitions from gnulib
2013-06-04 Jeff Laytonautoconfiscate the tree
2013-06-04 Jeff LaytonFix up a couple of compiler nits
2013-05-03 Jeff LaytonMakefile: fix perf2 rule
2013-05-03 Jeff LaytonMakefile: add rules to build perf2
2013-05-03 Jeff Laytonperf2: add a new test
2013-05-03 Jeff Laytonperf1: check argv[optind] instead of argv[1]
2013-05-03 Jeff Laytonperf1: comment cleanup
2013-05-01 Jeff LaytonAdd a simple Makefile
2013-05-01 Jeff Laytonperf1: fix up some build-breaking bugs
2013-05-01 Jeff LaytonInitial commit