2010-07-01 Rimas Kudelistemplates: spiff out the interface templates master
2009-08-28 Jeff Laytondnsdusty: run perltidy on dnsdusty master/dnsdusty-run-perltidy-on-dnsdu
2009-07-27 Erik RossenRelease 0.7 master/release-0-7
2009-07-10 Jeff LaytonRelease 0.6 master/release-0-6 v0.6
2009-07-10 Erik RossenImprove sorting of entries in delete list master/improve-sorting-of-entries-in-
2009-07-07 Jeff Laytondeclare dnsdusty.conf as config file in dnsdusty.list master/declare-dnsdusty-conf-as-confi
2009-07-05 Erik RossenDon't require quotes around TXT record content master/don-t-require-quotes-around-tx
2009-07-04 Erik RossenChange record sorting to be case insensitve master/change-record-sorting-to-be-ca
2009-07-04 Jeff LaytonInitial import (0.5 release) v0.5