2007-10-31 Jelmer VernooijMerge upstream.
2007-10-30 Jelmer VernooijCreate OSError from SubversionException where possible.
2007-10-30 Jelmer VernooijImplement find_ghosts parameter, speeds up fetching...
2007-10-30 Jelmer VernooijMerge fix for 140001.
2007-10-30 Jelmer VernooijSupport optionally overriding svn:author and svn:date...
2007-10-30 Jelmer VernooijAdd function for changing svn revision properties.
2007-10-30 Jelmer VernooijAdd configuration option for override-svn-revprops.
2007-10-30 Jelmer VernooijSupport custom user options for repository config.
2007-10-30 Jelmer VernooijNo longer intend to implement get_dir_revs() - revision...
2007-10-29 Jelmer VernooijFix double utf8 error.
2007-10-29 Jelmer VernooijHide subversion-wc as it's uninitializable.
2007-10-29 Jelmer VernooijRaise clear error instead of triggering an assert when...
2007-10-29 Jelmer VernooijSupport unicode argument to ListBranchingScheme.
2007-10-28 Jelmer VernooijSupport possible_transports argument.
2007-10-27 Jelmer VernooijFix syntax.
2007-10-26 Jelmer VernooijStart working on copying using svn_ra_replay.
2007-10-26 Jelmer VernooijReuse editor object.
2007-10-26 Jelmer VernooijMore work moving code into the RevisionBuildEditor.
2007-10-25 Jelmer VernooijStart working on recycling RevisionBuildEditor.
2007-10-25 Jelmer VernooijUpdate FAQ after packs format name change and credits.
2007-10-25 Jelmer Vernooijmake error more verbose.
2007-10-25 Jelmer VernooijMake error a bit more verbose when changing repository...
2007-10-24 Jelmer VernooijAvoid traceback when already upgraded revisions are...
2007-10-24 Jelmer VernooijAdd error for up to date mappings.
2007-10-24 Jelmer VernooijAdd new entry for #145148.
2007-10-24 Jelmer VernooijHandle corner cases pulling pushed changes with directo...
2007-10-24 Jelmer VernooijProperly abort write group when exceptions are raised.
2007-10-23 Jelmer Vernooijdeal with editor batons only in the transport code
2007-10-23 Jelmer VernooijFix test, add some packs-specific code.
2007-10-23 Jelmer VernooijMove knit-specific bits of the revision builder into...
2007-10-23 Jelmer VernooijUse locking and write groups properly, fixes compatibil...
2007-10-22 Jelmer VernooijRaise proper exception when lightweight checkout is...
2007-10-20 Jelmer VernooijActually use the right function.
2007-10-20 Jelmer VernooijAdd helper function for stripping the branch path.
2007-10-20 Jelmer VernooijRaise error when trying to change repository root,...
2007-10-20 Jelmer VernooijSupport --remember and make location argument optional...
2007-10-20 Jelmer VernooijAdd another test for #145148
2007-10-20 Jelmer Vernooijhandle corner case in logwalker.find_latest_change...
2007-10-20 Jelmer VernooijAdd test case demonstrating #145148
2007-10-20 Jelmer VernooijDon't print traceback when raising errors about bzr...
2007-10-19 Jelmer VernooijCheck version of bzr-rebase before using it.
2007-10-18 Jelmer VernooijClean up cache list.
2007-10-18 Jelmer VernooijUpdate installation requirements.
2007-10-17 Jelmer VernooijFix last test.
2007-10-17 Jelmer VernooijWork around the fact that subversion only considers...
2007-10-17 Jelmer VernooijBe somewhat more verbose.
2007-10-17 Jelmer VernooijAdd test for scheme initialization.
2007-10-17 Jelmer VernooijFix compatibility with 0.92.
2007-10-16 Jelmer VernooijMerge 0.4 branch.
2007-10-16 Jelmer VernooijMerge train change.
2007-10-16 Jelmer VernooijFix 'bzr checkout --lightweight' for http and https...
2007-10-16 Jelmer VernooijAvoid = in property names (#125751).
2007-10-10 Jelmer VernooijAvoid args/kwargs.
2007-10-09 Jelmer VernooijSupport svn+ hack when committing in bound branches...
2007-10-05 Jelmer VernooijAdd mutter for revision properties.
2007-10-02 Jelmer VernooijUse commit revprops rather than just commit message...
2007-10-01 Jelmer VernooijMerge upstream.
2007-10-01 Jelmer VernooijMerge some offline changes.
2007-09-26 Jelmer VernooijGive proper warning message when running 'bzr svn-impor...
2007-09-26 Jelmer VernooijUse new KnownFailure exception.
2007-09-26 Jelmer VernooijGive proper warning message when running 'bzr svn-branc...
2007-09-26 Jelmer VernooijAdd entry about svn-upgrade.
2007-09-25 Jelmer VernooijAdd note on svn versions.
2007-09-24 Jelmer VernooijMention bug#
2007-09-24 Jelmer VernooijImplement ListBranchingScheme.is_branch_parent().
2007-09-24 Jelmer VernooijAdd news entry for FAQ.
2007-09-23 Jelmer VernooijHandle long file names with unicode characters correctl...
2007-09-23 Jelmer VernooijWork around timestamp bug in svn.
2007-09-23 Jelmer VernooijSupport NULL_REVISION being passed to copy_contnet().
2007-09-20 Jelmer VernooijFetch revisions in chunks of a 1000.
2007-09-19 Jelmer VernooijAdd note about revno's.
2007-09-19 Jelmer Vernooijfix import
2007-09-19 Jelmer VernooijFix rst formatting, add entry about slow fetch.
2007-09-19 Jelmer VernooijAvoid tracebacks on malformed data errors.
2007-09-17 Jelmer VernooijUpdate news, remove some more imports.
2007-09-17 Jelmer VernooijMove format code into separate file to improve import...
2007-09-17 Jelmer VernooijRegister optimizers lazily.
2007-09-17 Jelmer VernooijStart working on 0.4.4.
2007-09-15 Jelmer VernooijRelease 0.4.3. bzr-svn-0.4.3
2007-09-15 Jelmer VernooijHandle pushing merges of which LHS parent is older...
2007-09-14 Jelmer VernooijFix tests.
2007-09-14 Jelmer VernooijSimplify branch access of workingtree.
2007-09-14 Jelmer VernooijRegister subversion-wc as format, but keep it non-initi...
2007-09-14 Jelmer VernooijImplemented SvnWorkingTreeDir.needs_format_conversion().
2007-09-13 Jelmer VernooijMerge upstream.
2007-09-13 Jelmer VernooijUse write groups (compatibility with packs branch).
2007-09-13 Jelmer VernooijAdd note about pushing new branches.
2007-09-13 Jelmer VernooijFix the build.
2007-09-13 Jelmer VernooijTracking moving parents correclty in follow_path.
2007-09-12 Jelmer VernooijAdd entry about repository formats.
2007-09-12 Jelmer VernooijFix syntax error.
2007-09-12 Jelmer VernooijSome reformatting, add extra check.
2007-09-12 Jelmer VernooijRelease 0.4.3
2007-09-12 Jelmer VernooijFix determination of relative URLs in SvnRaTransport...
2007-09-10 Jelmer VernooijAdd FAQ
2007-09-09 Jelmer VernooijUpdate NEWS.
2007-09-09 Jelmer VernooijAvoid ra transport if we can avoid it.
2007-09-09 Jelmer VernooijStart working on 0.4.3
2007-09-09 Jelmer Vernooijwork around another assert in the subversion bindings. bzr-svn-0.4.2
2007-09-09 Jelmer Vernooijrelease 0.4.2