2007-10-19 Ali MdidechRemove useless svn:ignore tdr
2007-10-14 Ali MdidechMore svn:ignore updates
2007-10-14 Ali MdidechUpdate of svn:ignore
2007-06-20 Julien KerihuelFix the code to have a working fetchmail test
2007-06-18 Julien KerihuelFix compilation for tdr branch
2007-06-18 Julien KerihuelFix tdr warnings
2007-06-18 Julien KerihuelBring some mapi.idl fixes + rewrite parts of ndr_mapi.c
2007-06-17 Julien Kerihuel- Add mapi_request, mapi_response IDLs
2007-06-16 Julien Kerihuel- Fix TDR IDL
2007-06-16 Julien KerihuelMake mapi.idl TDR compliant
2007-06-16 Jelmer VernooijMove mapi request/response code to separate IDL file.
2007-06-16 Jelmer VernooijCreate branch for migrating some IDL to TDR.
2007-06-15 Julien Kerihuel- Add IDL implementation for restrictions Content,...
2007-06-11 Julien KerihuelDocumentation update: Perl bindings installation
2007-06-10 Julien Kerihuel- Add mapitags and mapicode support to Perl SWIG bindings
2007-06-09 Julien Kerihuel- IProfAdmin patch applied: having password outside...
2007-06-06 Julien Kerihuel- Add CopyMessages IDL and COPYMAIL torture implementation
2007-06-01 Julien Kerihuelconvenient function which retrieve a value from a SProp...
2007-05-31 Julien KerihuelPatch from Brad Hards <>:
2007-05-31 Julien Kerihuel- Add Windows UTF8 to classic UTF8 conversion through...
2007-05-29 Julien Kerihuel- features added to openchangeclient:
2007-05-29 Julien Kerihuel- Add man pages for simple_mapi.c functions:
2007-05-29 Julien Kerihuel- Remove deprecated functions from IMsgStore.c
2007-05-29 Julien KerihuelFix install rule in Makefile: add missing headers
2007-05-29 Julien KerihuelFix notification callback retval
2007-05-29 Julien Kerihuel- Advise opnum added to the IDL
2007-05-28 Julien KerihuelPatch from Brad Hards <>:
2007-05-25 Julien Kerihuel- Fix the release call in,out
2007-05-25 Julien KerihuelEcDoDisconnect code now sounds to work properly
2007-05-25 Julien Kerihuel- Fix SpropValue property pull problem when GetProps...
2007-05-24 Julien Kerihuel- Remove useless memory allocation in mapidump.c
2007-05-22 Julien Kerihuel- Commit the EcDoRpc max_data patch proposed on the...
2007-05-21 Julien KerihuelAdd the --mailbox option to openchangeclient which...
2007-05-21 Julien Kerihuel- Add PT_SYSTTIME support to get_SPropValue_data
2007-05-21 Julien Kerihuel- Add multi-valued SBinary_short support to mapi_SPropV...
2007-05-18 Julien Kerihuel- Fix SMTP recipient in libmapi
2007-05-17 Julien Kerihuel- OpenMessage IDL changed: we have a permission field.
2007-05-15 Julien KerihuelRemove remaining MAPISTATUS and replace them with enum...
2007-05-15 Julien Kerihuel- SetReadFlags IDL and implementation added to libmapi
2007-05-15 Julien KerihuelFix a bug in openchangeclient when attachments are...
2007-05-15 Julien KerihuelPatch supplied by Brad Hards <>...
2007-05-15 Julien KerihuelAdd libmapi/simple_mapi.c designed to hold convenient
2007-05-14 Julien Kerihuel- Fix a body openchangeclient bug which now prevent...
2007-05-13 Julien KerihuelAdd a fuzzer torture test on OpenMsgStore which
2007-05-12 Texanenewmail torture + notifications implementation
2007-05-12 Julien Kerihuelexchange2mbox improved:
2007-05-12 Julien Kerihuel- GetProfileAttr function prototype modified. It now...
2007-05-11 Julien KerihuelFix the SambaXP live demo segfault: When an ambiguous...
2007-05-11 Julien Kerihuel- Fix a bug when storing attachments into mbox
2007-05-10 Julien Kerihuel- Update libmapi version according to the roadmap
2007-05-09 Julien Kerihuel- Add default profile database and profile support...
2007-05-08 Julien Kerihuel- Change MAPILogonEx to MAPILogonProvider and avoid...
2007-05-06 Ali MdidechMerged MAILOOK-branch changes r64:163 into the trunk.
2007-03-04 Julien KerihuelRemove ChangeLog, use svn log instead ;p
2007-02-13 Julien Kerihuel- libmapi includes moved from libmapi/include to libmapi
2007-02-12 Julien KerihuelReplace OpenProperty and ReadAttach calls with OpenStre...
2007-02-09 Texane. reimplement GetProps
2007-02-09 Texane. add GetPropList to exchange.idl
2007-02-09 Texane- Add fetchattach torture; Attachment size is not yet
2007-02-09 Julien KerihuelRemove -Werror CFLAGS until I figure out how to fix
2007-02-08 Julien KerihuelForgot to add IMAPISession.c
2007-02-07 Julien KerihuelRemove spurious warnings at compile time and
2007-02-07 Julien KerihuelDispatch libmapi functions into filenames matching
2007-02-07 Julien KerihuelFix the attach issue by value and add torture test to
2007-02-07 Texaneattachment torture test implementation
2007-02-06 Julien KerihuelAdd a null element at the end of MAPI_REQ array
2007-02-06 Texanesubject option for delete message torture test
2007-02-06 Texaneadded (recipients == null) check
2007-02-06 Julien Kerihuel- Add the DeleteMessages IDL
2007-02-03 Julien KerihuelAdd NspiResolveNames and the associated torture test.
2007-02-01 Julien KerihuelFix nspi decoding problem due to the usage of
2007-02-01 Julien Kerihuel- Add a preliminary NspiUpdateStat IDL
2007-02-01 Julien KerihuelFix the allocation memory for the EcDoRpc_{MAPI_REQ...
2007-02-01 Julien KerihuelAdd SetProps [out] support.
2007-01-31 Julien KerihuelFix the SetProps [in] IDL
2007-01-31 Julien KerihuelAdd IDL support for the following mapi calls:
2007-01-30 Julien KerihuelFix the align problem in QueryRows reply blob
2007-01-29 Julien KerihuelFix the OpenMessage IDL and add ndr_print support
2007-01-29 Julien KerihuelCommit of the first experimental but working implementation
2007-01-29 Julien Kerihuel- Add a preview implementation of cached data system...
2007-01-28 Julien KerihuelManual handling of EcDoRpc_MAPI_REPL pull and print...
2007-01-28 Julien Kerihueladd MAPISTATUS to EcDoRpc_MAPI_REPL
2007-01-28 Julien Kerihueladd mapi_response to emsmdb_transaction so we can get...
2007-01-28 Julien KerihuelAdd MAPISTATUS field in each mapi calls
2007-01-28 Julien KerihuelFix the mapi_request push function
2007-01-27 Julien KerihuelInitial mapidump commit
2007-01-24 Julien KerihuelUnused and dummy code removed
2007-01-24 Julien Kerihuel- Remove the MAPI decoding TDR layer and associated...
2007-01-22 Julien KerihuelFix ndr_pull_MAPI_DATA function
2007-01-22 Julien Kerihuel- Add new mapi opnums
2007-01-22 Julien Kerihuel- Enhance the handles id support in MAPI_DATA
2007-01-21 Julien Kerihuel- Change IMAPISession.idl to mapi.idl
2007-01-21 Pauline Khun- memory leak fixed
2006-12-27 Julien KerihuelOld mapitables code deleted and merge of the samdb
2006-12-17 Pauline KhunInstance keys management changed (we now use struct...
2006-12-15 Julien Kerihuel- Fix compilation warnings based on patches provided
2006-12-13 Julien Kerihuelevolution plugin moved into client/evolution for
2006-12-09 Loic CalvezOpenchange-Evolution plugin commit
2006-12-05 Julien KerihuelFix the memory allocation problems in the emsmdb tortur...
2006-12-03 Pauline KhunThe emsabp provider is now able to return multiple...