Add dummy file to make sure bin/ directory exists.
[jelmer/openchange.git] / libocpf /
2012-04-16 Julien KerihuelMerge r3881,3893,3894,3895,3907,3908,3910,3911,3912...
2012-02-24 Julien KerihuelFix warnings
2012-02-24 Julien KerihuelReplace trunk with sogo-good branch
2012-02-21 Julien KerihuelMerge in libocpf from latest trunk revision.
2012-02-20 Julien KerihuelMerge in r2334:2407 from trunk
2012-02-20 Julien KerihuelMerge r3210 from trunk: Fix handling of 0x101f (StringA...
2011-10-25 Julien KerihuelRemove set but unused variables - cause warnings on...
2011-08-15 Brad HardsFix handling of 0x101f (StringArrayW type).
2011-03-03 Brad HardsOCPF: apidocs typo fix.
2011-03-01 Julien KerihuelOnly add TYPE and PidTagMessageClass if ctx->type exists
2011-03-01 Julien Kerihuel- Make folderID uint64_t optional when writing ocpf
2011-03-01 Julien KerihuelReimplement ocpf_get_recipients and update its API
2011-02-28 Julien KerihuelReplace existing OCPF recipients implementation with...
2011-02-19 Brad Hardsfsocpf: Fix updating of properties
2011-02-18 Brad Hardsfsocpf: Minor work on set properties
2010-12-20 Wolfgang Wourdeaudo not include mapi_nameid.h in libmapi.h to avoid...
2010-12-13 Brad HardsChange from using SPropTagArray to the proper NSPI...
2010-12-01 Julien KerihuelMerge latest trunk changes into sogo branch
2010-11-27 Brad HardsAdd PT_DOUBLE description.
2010-11-26 Brad HardsMinor docs update for OCPF.
2010-11-24 Julien KerihuelMerge latest trunk change into sogo branch
2010-11-13 Julien KerihuelMerge mapi_context branch back into trunk.
2010-11-12 Julien KerihuelForgotten merge: r2195 BestBody algorithm fix
2010-11-12 Julien KerihuelMerge trunk changes (from r2196 up to 2259) into branch
2010-10-25 Julien KerihuelBased on a patch from Milan Crha <>:
2010-10-21 Brad HardsAdd a small valgrind suppression file for problems...
2010-10-21 Brad HardsRemove talloc_free causing double-free problems.
2010-10-20 Brad HardsInitialise time structures - avoids valgrind warnings.
2010-10-20 Brad HardsAdd support for PT_DOUBLE for OCPF files.
2010-10-12 Brad HardsMerge in changes from trunk.
2010-09-15 Julien KerihuelRemove global_mapi_ctx and replace it with a local...
2010-08-17 Julien KerihuelMerge current-samba4 branch back into trunk
2010-07-24 Brad HardsUpdate doxygen configuration to match latest version
2010-07-23 Julien KerihuelRemove libmapi/defs_private.h
2010-07-23 Julien KerihuelRemove auto-generated headers for libmapi:
2010-07-15 Julien KerihuelRemove auto-generated headers for libocpf
2010-06-25 Julien KerihuelAdd ocpf_write support for PT_MV_STRING8, PT_MV_UNICODE...
2010-06-25 Julien Kerihuel- Add documentation for PT_MV_LONG
2010-06-25 Julien Kerihuel- Fix PT_BINARY to now parse uint8_t 0x00 - 0xFF instea...
2010-06-25 Julien KerihuelAdd support for PT_MV_UNICODE type
2010-06-25 Julien KerihuelAdd support for PT_MV_BINARY type
2010-06-25 Julien KerihuelDo not search context if context_id is NULL
2010-06-25 Julien Kerihuel- Add a function to synchronize data on filesystem...
2010-06-23 Julien Kerihuel- Use external TALLOC context for cast_SPropValue rathe...
2010-06-22 Julien Kerihuel- Add a wrapper to set OCPF file TYPE
2010-06-22 Julien Kerihuel- Add preliminary OCPF API for server purposes (used by
2010-06-21 Julien Kerihuel- Only prevent file opened in read-only to use write_commit
2010-06-21 Julien KerihuelDefer ocpf file creation (fopen with w+) to ocpf_write_...
2010-06-20 Julien Kerihuel- Move OCPF python bindings to pyopenchange directory
2010-06-20 Julien Kerihuel- Add preliminary OCPF python bindings
2010-06-17 Julien KerihuelNew test.
2010-06-17 Julien KerihuelSecond test commit.
2010-06-17 Julien KerihuelTest commit
2010-06-16 Julien KerihuelFix OOM used in sample_appointment.ocpf
2010-06-16 Julien KerihuelConsolidate PSETID array and rely on libmapi definitions.
2010-06-13 Brad HardsFix up signed / unsigned issues with libocpf.
2010-06-07 Julien KerihuelFor single process implementation, this code was fine.
2010-06-06 Julien Kerihuel- Make ocpf_recipClass public
2010-06-06 Brad HardsCheck return type for vasprintf in libocpf.
2010-06-05 Julien KerihuelAdd a function to retrieve recipients from a parsed...
2010-06-03 Julien KerihuelAdd a new OCPF error OCPF_E_EXIST returned if a context...
2010-06-03 Julien Kerihuel- Make libocpf reentrant and use contexts/ref_count...
2010-06-01 Julien Kerihuel- Flush ocpf output when an error occurs
2010-05-28 Julien KerihuelFix unicode ocpf format in ocpf_write
2010-05-28 Julien Kerihuel- Fix PT_I8 support in libocpf: PT_I8 support was incor...
2010-05-24 Julien KerihuelAdd a convenient function for openchange server that...
2010-02-23 Julien KerihuelFix format string problem #184 ticket
2009-12-12 Julien KerihuelPatch from Erik Hovland <>:
2009-09-11 Brad HardsRemove unreachable code.
2009-09-11 Brad HardsNamespace variable in macro, so we don't get noise...
2009-08-03 Brad HardsRemove unused headers.
2009-08-03 Brad HardsApply patch from Erik Hovland, from ticket #162.
2009-05-28 Julien KerihuelPatch from Erik Hovland <>:
2009-02-22 Julien Kerihuel- Add strict-aliasing compiler flags
2009-02-22 Julien Kerihuel- Add _FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 to the compiler CFLAGS
2009-02-19 Julien KerihuelWork around the comparison_fn_t redefinition problem
2009-02-17 Julien Kerihuel- Add test for comparison_fn_t in
2009-01-25 Julien KerihuelReplace deprecated talloc_init calls with talloc_named
2008-11-13 Julien KerihuelFix build errors: wrong number of arguments for ocpf_pr...
2008-11-13 Julien KerihuelFix warnings when compiling with -Wextra
2008-10-16 Julien Kerihuel- Implement multisession into libmapi
2008-09-10 Brad HardsOnly do header line removal at the start of the file
2008-09-09 Brad HardsSuppress some more unwanted headers.
2008-09-07 Julien KerihuelRename SBinary to Binary_r
2008-09-07 Julien Kerihuel- Move from SLPSTRArray to StringArray_r
2008-09-07 Julien KerihuelFix lexer warnings during compilation (ticket #100)
2008-09-07 Brad HardsReduce warnings when compiling with 64-bit arch.
2008-09-06 Julien Kerihuel- MAJOR NSPI protocol and libmapi stack update
2008-05-31 Julien Kerihuel- Introduce PT_MV_UNICODE support in mapi_SPropValue_CT...
2008-04-29 Julien Kerihuel- Improve the GetHierarchyTable and GetContentsTable...
2008-04-14 Julien Kerihuel- Reset ocpf to NULL after release so the ocpf_init...
2008-04-02 Brad HardsMove the top level API documentation to an "overview"
2008-04-01 Julien Kerihuel- Fix strsep bug in openchangeclient
2008-04-01 Julien Kerihuel- escape/unescape strings support added
2008-03-30 Julien KerihuelUpdate the documentation build so it keeps generating...
2008-03-30 Brad HardsSplit API documentation into two separate sections...
2008-03-30 Julien Kerihuel- Add support for PT_UNICODE and PT_SHORT to libocpf
2008-03-26 Julien KerihuelAdd missing allocation for OLEGUID
2008-03-22 Brad HardsUpdate API documentation for ocpf_nproperty_add().
2008-03-13 Julien KerihuelPatch from Brad Hards <>: