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2012-02-21 Julien KerihuelMerge in r2597:2601 from trunk: Introduce makepropslist...
2012-02-20 Julien KerihuelMerge in r2532 from trunk
2011-06-27 Wolfgang WourdeauApplied r2971 from trunk
2011-06-19 Brad Hardslibmapi: Improve unicode support
2011-02-01 Julien KerihuelMerge makepropslist script from Brad from mapistore_v2...
2011-01-22 Julien Kerihuel- propagate usage of enum MAPITAGS instead of uint32_t
2010-12-01 Julien KerihuelMerge latest trunk changes into sogo branch
2010-11-26 Brad HardsFix some API documentation issues.
2010-11-24 Julien KerihuelMerge latest trunk change into sogo branch
2010-11-16 Brad HardsFix warning about not checking return value of mkstemp()
2010-11-13 Julien KerihuelMerge mapi_context branch back into trunk.
2010-11-12 Julien KerihuelForgotten merge: r2195 BestBody algorithm fix
2010-11-11 Brad HardsUpdate libmapi++ to reflect mapi_context changes
2010-10-25 Brad HardsFix a few valgrind errors. This is still not fit-for...
2010-10-25 Brad HardsPartial porting of libmapi++ to mapi_context approach.
2010-07-24 Brad HardsUpdate doxygen configuration to match latest version
2010-02-10 Brad HardsMark appropriate constructors as explicit.
2009-12-29 Brad HardsRemove inline from shared library class.
2009-12-27 Alan Alvarezlibmapi++ is no longer a header-only library
2009-12-17 Brad HardsWarning fix.
2009-12-02 Julien KerihuelFix a cast warning at compilation time for libmapi++
2009-10-19 Brad Hardsspello fixes.
2009-10-18 Alan AlvarezUse mapi_profile_get_ldif_path to find ldif path when...
2009-10-09 Alan AlvarezAdded libmapi++ wrapper function for CreateProfileStore
2009-10-06 Brad HardsAlternative solution to ticket #179, provided by Alan...
2009-09-26 Brad HardsMake sure that the string given by what() can be used.
2009-09-26 Brad HardsEnsure that the libmapi++ messages example works even...
2009-09-12 Brad HardsUpdate to match API change.
2009-09-11 Brad HardsAdd "static" to avoid the need for additional declarations.
2009-08-02 Brad HardsUse array form of delete (error identified with libmapi...
2009-08-02 Brad HardsFix potentially unused variable.
2009-01-28 Julien Kerihuel- Fix memory leak in GetDefaultProfile and GetProfileTable.
2009-01-25 Julien KerihuelReplace deprecated talloc_init calls with talloc_named
2008-12-14 Brad HardsDon't generate / install man3 pages for libmapi++ or...
2008-12-07 Brad HardsExpose the underlying session.
2008-11-04 Brad HardsMore API documentation tweaks.
2008-11-04 Brad HardsMore API documentation tweaks.
2008-11-04 Brad HardsSome API dox fixes for libmapi++.
2008-10-16 Julien Kerihuel- Implement multisession into libmapi
2008-09-22 Brad HardsUse more descriptive variable names in messages example...
2008-09-22 Brad HardsAdd a description of messages to libmapi++ API document...
2008-09-22 Brad HardsAdd new example showing libmapi++ message handling...
2008-09-21 Brad HardsUpdate the API documentation main page for libmapi++
2008-09-16 Brad HardsAPI documentation improvements.
2008-09-15 Brad HardsAdd an example to the libmapi++ documentation, and
2008-09-15 Brad HardsMinor API documentation fix
2008-09-10 Brad Hardslibmapi++ is C++, not C, so we should not optimise
2008-09-07 Julien KerihuelRename SBinary to Binary_r
2008-09-07 Brad HardsInitial checkin of infrastructure for libmapi++ API...
2008-08-15 Alan AlvarezGet rid of initialization order warning
2008-07-27 Alan Alvarez- session constructor doesn't login to the server anymo...
2008-07-26 Julien Kerihuel- Import Alan Alvarez work from libmapi++ into trunk