2008-07-25 Jelmer Vernooijbzr: Version directories on the fly, ignore directories... master
2008-07-25 Joey Hessresponse
2008-07-25 Joey Hesseh
2008-07-25 Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-07-25 Joey Hessbzr (mostly) done
2008-07-25 Joey Hessexpose a bug in bzr renameing code
2008-07-25 Joey Hessadd missing --quiet
2008-07-25 Joey HessMerge commit 'jelmer/master'
2008-07-25 http://ptecza... * Bug report
2008-07-25 http://ptecza... * RC1 color plugin
2008-07-25 Mathias(no commit message)
2008-07-25 Mathias(no commit message)
2008-07-25 Joey Hessimproved, possibly faster getelementsbyclass by willu
2008-07-25 Joey Hessturn on archive mode
2008-07-25 http://www... Suggest improved getElementsByClass() function
2008-07-25 Joey Hesstoggle: Fix incompatability between javascript and...
2008-07-25 http://www... (no commit message)
2008-07-25 http://www... report bug
2008-07-25 Joey Hessresp
2008-07-25 Joey Hessfix monotone/mercurial confusion
2008-07-25 http://www... Add notes about possible security issues with rename...
2008-07-24 Jelmer VernooijSupport staging commands in bzr backend.
2008-07-24 Joey Hessresponse
2008-07-24 Joey Hessmercurial: Add support for rename, delete, and also...
2008-07-24 Joey Hessforwarded
2008-07-24 Joey Hessresponse
2008-07-24 Joey HessMerge branch 'tova'
2008-07-24 Joey Hessfix encoding issues with link conversion
2008-07-24 http://gmcmanus... markdown bugs demonstrated
2008-07-24 http://ptecza... * Thanks! It works now.
2008-07-24 http://ptecza... * Link to my Ikiwiki user page
2008-07-24 http://ptecza... * Ikiwiki and bug reporting are my love
2008-07-24 http://ptecza... * Updated information about my Ikiwiki backports
2008-07-24 bremnerquestion about license for patch
2008-07-24 http://ptecza... * No longer Ikiwiki backports for Ubuntu Gutsy. I've...
2008-07-24 http://alcopop... example plus address failing
2008-07-24 Joey Hesstest suite and partial fix for encoding issues in link...
2008-07-23 Joey Hessupdat
2008-07-23 Joey Hessadd todo
2008-07-23 Joey Hessfoldage
2008-07-23 Joey Hessdocument link fixup on rename
2008-07-23 Joey Hessfixup editpage links on rename
2008-07-23 Joey Hesslink fixup on rename working
2008-07-23 Joey Hesspreserve case of subpage
2008-07-23 Joey Hesscase preservation
2008-07-23 Joey Hessadd renamepage hooks
2008-07-23 Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into tova
2008-07-23 Joey HessRebuild pages that change their type. (Gabriel McManus)
2008-07-23 Gabriel McManusRebuild pages that change their type.
2008-07-23 Joey Hessresponse
2008-07-23 Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into tova
2008-07-23 Joey Hessattachment: Do not escape _ when determining attachment...
2008-07-23 AlexandreDupascorrected link to the wikiannounce program
2008-07-23 http://ptecza... * Update
2008-07-23 rdennisfixed description for open parameter
2008-07-23 http://ptecza... * Typo
2008-07-23 http://ptecza... * Bug?
2008-07-23 http://www... Report bug in map wrt bare directories
2008-07-23 bremner(no commit message)
2008-07-23 Joey Hessformatting
2008-07-23 Joey Hessadd a list of broken links after the rename
2008-07-23 Joey Hessadd a rename summary
2008-07-22 Joey HessSplit out error messages from editpage.tmpl into severa...
2008-07-22 Joey Hessfix gettext
2008-07-22 Joey Hessedit page fixup in postrename
2008-07-22 Joey Hessupdates
2008-07-22 Joey Hesscheck for absolute paths
2008-07-22 Joey HessDon't allow uploading an attachment with the same name...
2008-07-22 Joey Hesstypo
2008-07-22 Joey Hessadd rcs_commit_staged and rcs_rename
2008-07-22 Joey Hessqualifiy
2008-07-22 Joey Hessmake message a bit more generic
2008-07-22 Joey Hessrename checks improvements
2008-07-22 Joey Hesspermission checking improvements
2008-07-22 Joey Hessavoid uninitialised value
2008-07-22 Joey HessMerge commit 'origin/master' into tova
2008-07-22 http://lollipopman... (no commit message)
2008-07-22 http://lollipopman... (no commit message)
2008-07-22 http://lollipopman... (no commit message)
2008-07-22 http://gmcmanus... bug when pages changing extension; new patch
2008-07-22 http://gmcmanus... patch to prevent email obfuscation
2008-07-22 http://brian... response to response
2008-07-22 http://gmcmanus... bug already noted, so mark as done
2008-07-22 http://gmcmanus... email obfuscation by Text::Markdown undone by HTML...
2008-07-22 Joey Hessimprove docs
2008-07-22 Joey Hessreally add
2008-07-22 Joey Hessuse check_canattach
2008-07-22 Joey Hessfactor out check_canattach
2008-07-22 Joey Hessskeleton rename plugin
2008-07-22 Joey Hesserror if nothing selected
2008-07-22 Joey Hessprobably redundant symlink check
2008-07-22 Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into tova
2008-07-21 Joey HessAdd allow_symlinks_before_srcdir config setting
2008-07-21 Joey HessAvoid troublesome abs_path calls in wrapper setup
2008-07-21 Joey Hessresponse
2008-07-21 Joey Hessresponse
2008-07-21 Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into tova
2008-07-21 Joey HessReally fix bug with links to pages with names containin...
2008-07-21 Joey Hessremove test
2008-07-21 Joey Hesstest