Initial work on a fastimport parser.
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2009-12-07 Jelmer VernooijMerge faster pure-Python Tree parser.
2009-11-28 Jelmer VernooijFix commit id, thanks Bryan Bishop.
2009-10-06 Ricardo SalvetiTutorial 1-initial-commit.txt: should also import parse...
2009-09-30 Jelmer VernooijAdd rst2html variable.
2009-09-26 Jelmer VernooijMerge tutorial from Hervé.
2009-09-21 Hervé Cauweliertutorial: finish documenting all tree operations
2009-09-17 Hervé Cauweliertutorial: second chapter about changing a file
2009-09-16 Hervé Cauweliertutorial: move to compiling a global document
2009-09-16 Hervé Cauwelierfix docutils syntax and a few typos
2009-09-15 Hervé Cauwelierstart a tutorial of first steps
2009-04-02 Jelmer VernooijMove performance doc to docs/ and rst format.
2008-12-24 Jelmer VernooijMerge John.
2008-12-24 John CarrMerge upstream
2008-12-24 John CarrBrain dump protocol details