Merge fix for logging of mode changes by charly.
[jelmer/ctrlproxy.git] / mods /
2009-05-10 Jelmer Vernooijre-combine arguments in python command.
2009-05-10 Jelmer VernooijHandle stderr as well, cope with newlines.
2009-05-10 Jelmer VernooijProvide custom stdout for scripts.
2009-04-08 Jelmer VernooijMerge python support.
2009-04-08 Jelmer VernooijMerge python branch.
2009-04-06 Jelmer VernooijMerge trunk.
2009-04-06 Jelmer VernooijMerge trunk.
2009-04-05 Jelmer VernooijMerge trunk.
2009-04-05 Jelmer VernooijMerge trunk.
2009-04-05 Jelmer VernooijMerge trunk
2009-04-05 Jelmer VernooijMerge trunk.
2009-04-05 Jelmer VernooijMerge trunk.
2009-04-05 Jelmer VernooijMerge trunk.
2009-04-05 Jelmer VernooijMerge trunk.
2009-04-05 Jelmer VernooijMerge trunk.
2009-04-02 Jelmer VernooijMerge trunk.
2009-01-09 Jelmer VernooijImport Python code.
2007-11-24 Jelmer VernooijMerge 3.0.4.
2007-11-23 Jelmer VernooijMerge bugfix.
2007-11-23 Jelmer VernooijMerge auto-way integration.
2007-11-15 Jelmer VernooijIntegrate auto-away.
2007-11-15 Jelmer VernooijMerge upstream.
2007-11-14 Jelmer VernooijIntegrate log_custom module and log_irssi modules.
2007-11-13 Jelmer VernooijIntegrate config.
2007-11-13 Jelmer VernooijFix log_custom.
2007-11-13 Jelmer VernooijMerge log_irssi into log_custom.
2007-11-13 Jelmer VernooijMerge clientstate branch.
2007-11-13 Jelmer VernooijRedirect DCC messages (#163).
2007-11-12 Jelmer VernooijMerge upstream
2007-11-03 Jelmer VernooijMerge auto-away client limit patch from dato.
2007-11-03 Adeodato SimóMerge trunk.
2007-10-24 Jelmer VernooijChange license to GPLv3.
2007-10-19 Korbinian RoseneggerFix newlines in log_custom.
2007-10-19 Korbinian RoseneggerFix potential memory leak in log_custom.
2007-10-18 Jelmer VernooijFix missing newline (#156).
2007-09-10 Jelmer VernooijMerge trunk.
2007-09-09 Adeodato SimóMerge trunk.
2007-09-09 Jelmer VernooijUse away information from core ctrlproxy.
2007-09-09 Jelmer VernooijFix formatting.
2007-09-09 Jelmer VernooijFix only unsetting /AWAY on the first network when...
2007-09-07 Jelmer VernooijAvoid memory allocation.
2007-09-06 Adeodato SimóNew option client_limit for auto-away.
2007-09-05 Jelmer VernooijAutomatically mark as unaway when a client connects...
2007-09-05 Jelmer Vernooijbe a bit more verbose, don't store default values when...
2007-09-05 Jelmer VernooijMerge /AWAY '' fix from Adeodato.
2007-09-05 Adeodato SimóRequire a non-empty argument to AWAY for setting d...
2007-09-04 Jelmer VernooijPush some common logging code into src/log_support.c.
2007-09-04 Jelmer Vernooijsome formatting fixes
2007-09-04 Jelmer VernooijMake sure included plugins are always up to date.
2007-09-04 Jelmer VernooijUpgrade plugin versions.
2007-09-01 Jelmer VernooijMerge listener/configuration fixes.
2007-09-01 Jelmer VernooijSimplify configuration a bit.
2007-09-01 Jelmer VernooijIntegrate listener into the core.
2007-09-01 Jelmer VernooijAllow specifying a network in the password, separated...
2007-08-30 Jelmer VernooijFix some formatting.
2007-08-30 Jelmer VernooijMove replication backends into the core.
2007-08-30 Jelmer VernooijSome trivial fixes.
2007-07-11 Jelmer VernooijMerge upstream changes.
2007-07-11 Jelmer VernooijIgnore nick changes from unknown users.
2007-07-11 Jelmer VernooijAdd extra assertion.
2007-07-03 Jelmer VernooijRefactor linestack_send().
2007-04-22 Jelmer VernooijReset idle time when AWAY is seen (#121).
2007-04-15 Jelmer VernooijMerge 3.0 branch, start working on 3.0.3
2007-04-15 Jelmer VernooijChange default address for listeners back to 0.0.0...
2007-04-06 Jelmer VernooijFix warning about PING.
2007-04-05 exgFix leak.
2007-04-05 exgFix #9 for log_custom.
2007-04-04 Jelmer VernooijMerge regression fix and cleanup from exg
2007-04-04 exgMove file writing to single function (in preparation...
2007-04-04 exgFix typo.
2007-04-03 Jelmer Vernooijreformat
2007-04-03 Jelmer VernooijFix #9 for log_irssi.
2007-04-03 Jelmer VernooijMove file writing to single function (in preparation...
2007-04-02 Jelmer VernooijFix #87.
2007-04-02 Jelmer VernooijMerge network info branch. Should fix #94.
2007-04-02 Jelmer VernooijSome work getting the testsuite to pass again.
2007-04-01 Jelmer VernooijChange return type of linestack handlers.
2007-03-29 Jelmer VernooijMerge upstream.
2007-03-29 Jelmer VernooijFix #111.
2007-03-21 exgSimplify.
2007-03-21 exgFix leak.
2007-03-20 Jelmer VernooijMove all help information to the XML docs.
2007-03-17 Jelmer VernooijStart working on refactoring the network_info code.
2007-02-17 Jelmer VernooijMerge trunk.
2007-02-02 Jelmer VernooijFix abort while disconnected.
2007-01-05 Jelmer VernooijMerge from 3.0
2007-01-04 Jelmer VernooijMerge trunk.
2006-12-31 Jelmer VernooijFix bug saving listener configuration.
2006-12-24 Jelmer VernooijMerge administration system generaliztion fixes. NAMES...
2006-12-24 Jelmer VernooijMerge upstream.
2006-12-08 Jelmer VernooijMerge 3.0 bugfixes.
2006-12-08 Jelmer VernooijFix crash bug, reported by poelzi.
2006-12-08 Jelmer VernooijMerge last 3.0 fixes.
2006-12-08 Jelmer VernooijMake admin system a bit more generic.
2006-12-07 Jelmer VernooijMerge IPv6 and config fixes.
2006-12-07 Jelmer VernooijMake IPv6 code optional.
2006-12-05 Jelmer VernooijMerge fixes.
2006-12-05 Jelmer VernooijHandle missing linestack.
2006-12-05 Jelmer VernooijMake changing nick part of client_send_state()
2006-12-05 Jelmer VernooijFix last_disconnect channel reporting.