Refactor the CollectionHTTPServer around a wsgi-style request handler.
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2016-01-03 Guido GüntherAdd requires to run tests
2016-01-03 Guido GüntherSwitch URLs to alioth and Keiths blog entry
2013-09-24 Keith PackardFix release nits
2013-09-16 Joe Nahmiasuse python-daemon to daemonize calypso
2013-08-15 Keith PackardCalypso doesn't work with Python 3
2012-01-16 Keith PackardMerge remote-tracking branch 'muelli/master'
2012-01-15 Tobias Mueller ... Merge commit 'fe0dbcb8b9d69486c20324503f268267d1e7b58f'
2012-01-15 Tobias Mueller ... Merge commit '69cb5c1fd049014dfe67a0a448e30f0b36e85374'
2012-01-14 Tobias Mueller ... setup: depend on vobject and introduce dependency on...
2012-01-14 Tobias Mueller ... setup: Fallback to version 0.0.1 if we cannot import...
2012-01-04 Thomas was using '%' in a place without a format...
2011-12-15 Keith PackardRename to calypso
2011-12-14 Keith PackardRename to Cadaver
2011-01-09 Guillaume AyoubUpdate copyright year
2010-07-05 Guillaume AyoubAdd python 2.7 in the list of supported python versions.
2010-06-04 Guillaume AyoubReplace pylint "disable-msg" by "disable", and disable...
2010-06-04 Guillaume AyoubUse Radicale-git.tar.gz as download link for the git...
2010-05-30 Guillaume AyoubRevert the build_script in setup.
2010-05-30 Guillaume AyoubVersion management, next version is 0.3.
2010-05-30 Guillaume AyoubFix small typo and documentation errors in setup.
2010-05-30 Guillaume AyoubRemove useless imports in setup.
2010-05-30 Guillaume AyoubRemove useless commands in setup.
2010-04-19 Guillaume Ayoub0.5-git version bump.
2010-04-12 Guillaume AyoubFix ReStructuredText syntax in setup.
2010-04-12 Guillaume AyoubAdd some metadata in setup.
2010-04-12 Guillaume AyoubUpdate setup to be PyPI-friendly.
2010-04-12 Guillaume AyoubComment and clean setup.
2010-04-12 Guillaume AyoubFix version in
2010-02-10 Guillaume AyoubMerge ical/support/calendar modules.
2010-01-14 Guillaume AyoubUpdate copyright and remove tab intentation indications.
2010-01-10 Guillaume AyoubRemove Twisted dependency.
2009-09-01 Guillaume AyoubRadicale 0.1
2009-09-01 Guillaume AyoubSetup fixes, with MANIFEST template
2009-09-01 Guillaume AyoubPython distutils setup file