2009-01-05 Jelmer VernooijMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-01-05 Volker LendeckeUse talloc_tos in vfs_full_audit.c:do_log
2009-01-05 Volker LendeckeFix a bad memleak in vfs_full_audit
2009-01-05 Volker LendeckeAdd create_file to vfs_op_names
2009-01-05 Volker LendeckeFix bug 6012: Add "get_real_filename" to full_audit
2009-01-05 Michael Adamsmbd: prevent access to root filesystem when connecting...
2009-01-05 Stefan Metzmachertevent: fix tevent_add_timer() and tevent_add_aio(...
2009-01-05 Andrew BartlettInitialise 'flags' in new python ldb binding for ldb_co...
2009-01-05 Tim Proutys3: Remove a few unnecessary checks from the streams...
2009-01-05 Tim Proutys3: Remove a few unnecessary checks from the streams...
2009-01-05 Tim Proutys3: Allow renames of streams via NTRENAME and fix strea...
2009-01-05 Tim Proutys4 torture: Add more rename tests to RAW-STREAMS
2009-01-05 Andrew BartlettMore work to have OpenLDAP accept the full AD schema
2009-01-04 Jelmer VernooijUse fqdn rather than gethostname when guessing realm.
2009-01-04 Jelmer VernooijMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-01-04 Jeremy AllisonFix bug #6009 - Setting "min receivefile size = 1"...
2009-01-04 Stefan Metzmachertevent: move samba4 stuff from libtevent.m4 to samba.m4
2009-01-04 Stefan Metzmachers4:build: add SMB_MAKE_SETTINGS() macro
2009-01-04 Volker LendeckeFix a typo found by the IBM Checker
2009-01-04 Volker LendeckeRemove a duplicated comment
2009-01-04 Volker LendeckeFix the build of smbfilter
2009-01-04 Volker LendeckeSimulate the Windows behaviour to fire 445 and after...
2009-01-04 Volker LendeckeAdd open_socket_out_defer_send/recv
2009-01-04 Volker LendeckeAsync wrapper for open_socket_out_send/recv
2009-01-04 Volker LendeckeAdd a quick test of wb_trans_send/recv
2009-01-04 Volker Lendeckeasync libwbclient infrastructure
2009-01-04 Volker LendeckeRemove wb_trans_send/recv
2009-01-04 Volker LendeckeMove winbindd/winbindd_reqtrans.c to lib/wb_reqtrans.c
2009-01-04 Volker LendeckeConvert async_connect to "normal" style
2009-01-04 Volker LendeckeActually do a non-blocking connect.... :-)
2009-01-04 Volker LendeckeAdd an async queueing mechanism
2009-01-04 Volker LendeckeAdd async timeout helpers
2009-01-04 Stefan Metzmachertevent: completely initialize tevent_fd structs
2009-01-03 Stefan Metzmachers4:smbd: convert to tevent_* api
2009-01-03 Stefan Metzmachers4:libcli/ldap: convert to tevent_* api
2009-01-03 Stefan Metzmachers4:auth/kerberos: convert to tevent_* api
2009-01-03 Stefan Metzmachertevent: raise version to 0.9.2 after AUTOCLOSE changes
2009-01-03 Stefan Metzmachertevent: remove TEVENT_FD_AUTOCLOSE feature
2009-01-03 Stefan Metzmachertevent: remove dependency to SOCKET_WRAPPER via "system...
2009-01-03 Stefan Metzmachers4:socket: use a socket_wrapper aware function to auto...
2009-01-03 Stefan Metzmachers4:sysdep/inotify: use tevent_fd_set_auto_close()
2009-01-03 Stefan Metzmachertevent: add tevent_fd_set_auto_close()
2009-01-03 Stefan Metzmachertevent: add tevent_fd_set_close_fn()
2009-01-03 Stefan Metzmachertevent: move some common tevent_fd related functions...
2009-01-03 Stefan Metzmachertevent: specify argument names for the event handlers
2009-01-03 Stefan Metzmachertevent: fix standalone make test
2009-01-03 Volker Lendeckeopen_socket_out is always used with SOCK_STREAM, remove...
2009-01-03 Volker LendeckeFix retval of async_syscall_result_int
2009-01-03 Volker Lendeckestruct async_req doesn't really need to carry an event_...
2009-01-03 Volker LendeckeRemove unused argument "vuid" from make_internal_rpc_pipe_p
2009-01-03 Stefan Metzmachertevent: raise version to 0.9.1
2009-01-02 Kai Blins4 winbind: Correctly silence a "discard const" warning
2009-01-02 Volker LendeckeReplace some SMB_ASSERTs with NT_STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR
2009-01-02 Volker LendeckeOptimize for the common case that packet.c received...
2009-01-02 Volker Lendeckepacket.h API: The callback is now responsible to talloc...
2009-01-02 Jeremy AllisonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-01-02 Jeremy AllisonRemove cli_cm_set_dest_ss() - removes the global dest_ss
2009-01-02 scudette@gmail.comChanged code to use proper talloc context instead of...
2009-01-02 scudette@gmail.comMemory leak fixed due to accumulation of open reg keys.
2009-01-02 scudette@gmail.comFixes uninitialised access as reported by valgrind.
2009-01-02 Jeremy AllisonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-01-02 Jeremy AllisonFix warnings in make test code.
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmachers4:lib/events: remove unused events_internal.h
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmachers4:selftest: report tevent tests as 'tevent.python'
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmachers4:lib/events: convert to use tevent_* functions instea...
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmachertevent: only provide compat macros if the caller wants...
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmachertevent: change pytevent to tevent_*
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmachertevent: use TEVENT_FD_* instead of EVENT_FD_*
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmachertevent: rename ev_debug_ops => tevent_debug_ops
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmachertevent: rename events => tevent in tevent.pc
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmachertevent: pass down handler_name and location to the...
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmachertevent: make tevent_add_*() macros arround _tevent_add_*()
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmachertevent: use HAVE_EPOLL instead of HAVE_EVENTS_EPOLL
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmachertevent: rename event_register_backend() => tevent_regis...
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmachertevent: rename event_context_init* => tevent_context_in...
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmachertevent: rename event_[s|g]et_fd_flags => tevent_fd_...
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmachertevent: rename event_loop_* => tevent_loop_*
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmachertevent: rename event_set_default_backend() => tevent_se...
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmachertevent: use libreplace headers instead of system headers
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmachers4:lib/events: deprecate event_context_find()
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmachers4:tevent: move event_context_find() to tevent_s4.c
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmachers4:pyregistry: use tevent_context_init()
2009-01-02 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "s4 winbind: Copy SID to avoid "discard const...
2009-01-02 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "s4 winbind: Avoid a "discards const" compiler...
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmacherlibrpc/gen_ndr: rerun make idl_full after pidl changes
2009-01-02 Stefan Metzmacherpidl: add dummy element for empty unions
2009-01-02 Volker LendeckeAlternative fix for 45db33e73 and 0d443ae7931
2009-01-02 Volker LendeckeRevert "s:Fix uid_to_sid mapping when the idmap cache...
2009-01-02 Volker LendeckeRevert "s3:idmap: Remove passd check from idmap_backend...
2009-01-02 Michael Adampackaging(RHEL): fix typo in [u]mount.cifs installation
2009-01-02 Michael Adampackaging(RHEL): fix build of [u]mount.cifs
2009-01-02 Stefan MetzmacherHappy New Year!
2009-01-01 Volker LendeckeFix bug 5913.
2009-01-01 Volker LendeckeRemove a global variable
2009-01-01 Volker Lendeckefix some nonempty blank lines
2009-01-01 Volker LendeckeRemove two pointless globals
2009-01-01 Volker LendeckeThe Tru64 shell doesn't like (*) in a case statement
2009-01-01 Jelmer VernooijFix syntax errors.
2009-01-01 Tim Proutys3: Fix caller of print_fsp_open
2009-01-01 Jelmer VernooijAdd iconv_convenience argument to size functions.