2000-05-24 Tim PotterFix to return buffer output properly.
2000-05-24 Andrew Tridgelladded tdb_pack() and tdb_unpack()
2000-05-24 Andrew Tridgellgot rid of lp_revalidate()
2000-05-24 Andrew Tridgella fairly big change in spoolss.
2000-05-24 Andrew Tridgella fairly big change in spoolss.
2000-05-24 Tim PotterTest various operations on ipc$ share.
2000-05-24 Andrew Tridgella fairly big change in spoolss.
2000-05-24 Tim PotterTestharness for masktest program.
2000-05-24 Andrew Tridgelluse \\ in front of filenames
2000-05-24 Tim PotterTest wildcard rename function.
2000-05-24 Andrew Tridgelluse lp_workgroup()
2000-05-24 Tim PotterEnvironment variables for single server test scripts.
2000-05-24 Tim PotterRoutines for driving smbclient from DejaGnu.
2000-05-24 Andrew Tridgelluse lp_workgroup()
2000-05-24 Luke Leightontorture test:
2000-05-23 Jeremy AllisonDid a proper fix for the file access on IPC$. Denied...
2000-05-23 Jeremy AllisonFixed bug where file access was allowed on IPC$ share.
2000-05-22 Tim PotterAdded -W workgroup command line option.
2000-05-22 Jeremy AllisonModify NT driver heirarchy to fix HP bug with duplicate...
2000-05-22 Andrew Tridgellmore aparser stuff - we now handle everything but the...
2000-05-18 Shirish KaleleAdded the NETDFS pipe to allow remote administration...
2000-05-17 Jeremy AllisonChanged name of case_sensitive in mask_match to avaid...
2000-05-17 Jeremy AllisonFixed bug I introduced last night (sorry). Now truncate...
2000-05-17 Andrew Tridgellerror check in vluke.c
2000-05-17 Andrew Tridgellstarted converting matty's srvsvc.idl to a .struct...
2000-05-17 Andrew Tridgelladded primitive define macros
2000-05-17 Andrew Tridgell- added typedefs
2000-05-17 Jeremy AllisonFixed bug where mallocd size of prs_struct could be...
2000-05-17 Tim PotterUpdated VFS examples to use ftruncate() and lock()...
2000-05-17 Andrew Tridgellminor parse updates
2000-05-17 Jeremy AllisonCutover from 2.2.x - missed in merge.
2000-05-16 Jeremy AllisonSynced up srv_samr with HP changes. Added error checkin...
2000-05-16 Andrew Tridgella useful script, just go "./build foo.struct" and you...
2000-05-16 Andrew Tridgellthe vluke program now takes a structure name on the...
2000-05-16 Andrew Tridgelltake the sructure name to run through vluke on the...
2000-05-16 Andrew Tridgelladded the ".trailer" type, to mark where a packet turns...
2000-05-16 Andrew Tridgellanother awk parser update
2000-05-16 Shirish KaleleRemoved extra unistr_to_dos prototype from msdfs/msdfs.c
2000-05-16 Shirish KaleleThe new msdfs implementation that uses symlinks to...
2000-05-15 Jeremy AllisonCheck error returns.
2000-05-15 Jeremy AllisonAdded Shirish's reg changes to HEAD. Sync up with 2...
2000-05-15 Jeremy AllisonAdded fix for Win2k ACL query code from Shirish. I...
2000-05-15 Jeremy Allisonpassdb/secrets.c: Fix typo in comment.
2000-05-15 Andrew Tridgellstarted update to handle arbitrary arrays
2000-05-15 Andrew Tridgellcall prs_dump() on every input and output packet so...
2000-05-15 Andrew Tridgelldon't call prs_dump() here
2000-05-15 Andrew Tridgellupdate grow_size in prs_grow
2000-05-15 Andrew Tridgelladdd grow_size to prs_struct so we know how much data...
2000-05-15 Andrew Tridgellneed to allocate the union pointer
2000-05-15 Andrew Tridgellalign at the end of every structure parser
2000-05-15 Andrew Tridgelluse grow_size to determine size of dump
2000-05-15 Andrew Tridgelladded grow_size to prs structure
2000-05-15 Andrew Tridgelladd prs_dump() at the top level rpc switch
2000-05-15 Andrew Tridgellmake prs_dump() store up to 100 variants of each msg...
2000-05-14 Andrew Tridgelladd uint16 support, start to parse more of spoolss
2000-05-14 Andrew Tridgellmoved *.tpl templates into templates/ subdirectory
2000-05-14 Andrew Tridgellvastly improved awk based code generator
2000-05-14 Andrew Tridgellremoved old files ready for new awk parser
2000-05-13 Jeremy AllisonAdded code to do a one-way migration of the old DOMAIN...
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellrenamed the harness program to vluke (for "virtual...
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellpreliminary support for unions
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellthis is a awk based code generator. Very primitive...
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellrebuilt proto
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellchanged uniarray_2_ascarray to uniarray_2_dosarray
2000-05-12 Jeremy AllisonAdded unicode_to_dos_char() function to address convert...
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgelladded spool_io_printer_driver_info_level_6()
2000-05-12 Tim PotterAdded signal handling section.
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgell- added example config section to winbindd man page
2000-05-12 Gerald CarterAdded mention of the CUPS option for the printing parameter
2000-05-12 Tim PotterMerge from TNG.
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellfixed two uninitialised variables
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgelluse "winbind separator" option for domain/user separato...
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellcompile with -O2
2000-05-12 Tim PotterWhile we're all making incompatible tdb changes, I...
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgelluse "winbind separator" in tng as well
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellbuild in /usr/src/redhat
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellupdated appliance Makefile
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgelladded packaging section to README
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellfixed tar command line
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellexclude CVS files from rpm build
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellfixed error code for buffer_too_large in trans reply
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgelldon't install winbind man page twice
2000-05-12 Tim PotterNuked changelog - use cvs log instead.
2000-05-12 Tim Pottersimple build script for appliance rpm
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgelladded winbindd man page to spec file
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellfixed a typo
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellfixed a problem with appliance operation
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgelluse gcc not insure by default in tdb build
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgelladd winbind manual in SWAT welcome page
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgelluse our primary domain trust account for trusted domain...
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellupdated the appliance README
2000-05-12 Tim PotterManpage version of yodl doc.
2000-05-12 Tim PotterHTML version of yodl doc.
2000-05-12 Tim PotterChanged all references of ntdom to winbind.
2000-05-12 Tim PotterInitial version of appliance spec file.
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellan imcompatible tdb format change (sorry!)
2000-05-12 Jeremy AllisonCheck fstat return for error.
2000-05-10 Jeremy Allisonlib/util_unistr.c:
2000-05-10 Jeremy AllisonHo hum - forgot timeout case.
2000-05-10 Jeremy AllisonFix from David Collier-Brown - sys_select return was...