2007-11-06 Michael AdamFix another segfault and make smbfilter run again.
2007-11-06 Michael AdamFix a segfault.
2007-11-06 Michael AdamTry to fix the build. There was one forgotten caller
2007-11-05 Günther DeschnerWhen deleting a key from the registry make sure the...
2007-11-05 Michael AdamAdd two const's.
2007-11-05 Jeremy AllisonRemove the horror that was the global smb_rw_error.
2007-11-05 Michael AdamFix a typo.
2007-11-05 Günther DeschnerIgnore testing tdb.
2007-11-05 Jeremy AllisonDon't alloc struct iface_struct nics[MAX_INTERFACES...
2007-11-05 Jeremy AllisonThis should really be a cond_set_smb_read_error().
2007-11-05 Jeremy AllisonDon't use 0 when we mean SMB_READ_OK.
2007-11-05 Günther DeschnerMerge commit 'origin/v3-2-test' into branches/upstream
2007-11-05 Volker LendeckeRemove unnecessary code
2007-11-05 Volker LendeckeFix a debug message
2007-11-05 Günther DeschnerDisplay sec ace flags.
2007-11-05 Günther DeschnerMake sure we can read SACLs from the registry.
2007-11-05 Volker LendeckeFix the smbmount build
2007-11-05 Volker Lendeckestatic pstring removal
2007-11-05 Volker Lendeckepstring removal
2007-11-05 Volker LendeckeMake load_registry_service return the share number
2007-11-05 Jeremy AllisonForgot arg type.
2007-11-04 Jeremy AllisonDon't believe len returned from read_smb_length_return_...
2007-11-04 Jeremy AllisonRemove most of the remaining globals out of lib/util_so...
2007-11-04 Jeremy AllisonRemove more static data from lib/util_sock.c and
2007-11-04 Jeremy AllisonMissed one case where I need to pass down addrlen.
2007-11-04 Jeremy AllisonI can't get away without a 'length' arg. :-).
2007-11-04 Jeremy AllisonStop get_peer_addr() and client_addr() from using global
2007-11-03 Jeremy AllisonRemove the smb_read_error global variable and replace
2007-11-03 Jeremy AllisonRemove unused var noticed by metze.
2007-11-02 Jeremy AllisonFix the snprintf checks, and fix a typo in pointer...
2007-11-02 Jeremy AllisonEnsure we use the correct socklen_t values for bind...
2007-11-02 Jeremy AllisonFix typos in calc_sa_size, noticed by
2007-11-02 Jeremy AllisonChange the client library to write directly out of
2007-11-02 Jeremy AllisonMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of ssh://
2007-11-02 Jeremy AllisonForgot one more getnameinfo.
2007-11-02 Gerald (Jerry... Merge branch 'v3-2-test' of git://
2007-11-02 Gerald (Jerry... Fix build breakage when not specifying --with-fhs.
2007-11-02 Jeremy AllisonArgggh. smblen doesn't include the +4, so my smb_doff...
2007-11-02 Jeremy AllisonFix Solaris by ensuring we use the IPv4 or IPv6 length
2007-11-02 Jeremy AllisonFix state_path to take a const string, not use pstring.
2007-11-02 Jeremy AllisonEnsure we can't accidently do a pipe write with
2007-11-02 Jeremy AllisonBe careful and take care of the correct lengths in...
2007-11-02 Jeremy AllisonEnsure we detect a large writeX when using recvfile.
2007-11-02 Gerald (Jerry... Merge branch 'v3-2-test' of git://
2007-11-02 Jeremy AllisonAdd brackets so as not to break the POSIX caps return.
2007-11-01 Volker LendeckeFix for bug 5021
2007-11-01 Gerald (Jerry... Patch 2 of 3 from Debian Samba packagers:
2007-11-01 Volker Lendeckesave memory
2007-11-01 Jeremy AllisonAdd missing recvfile_bytes element - noticed by Kukks.
2007-11-01 Gerald (Jerry... Patch from Debian Samba package maintainers:
2007-11-01 Michael AdamEnable building the zfsacl VFS module by specifying
2007-10-31 Jeremy AllisonNote when we're setting change time, not write time...
2007-10-31 Jeremy AllisonFix some cases where file_set_dosmode was being passed
2007-10-31 Jeremy AllisonFix vfstest link - move socket calls into smbd/process.c
2007-10-31 Jeremy AllisonAdd printout of large read/write caps if detected.
2007-10-31 Jeremy AllisonMake explicit draining the socket on RECVFILE. Add
2007-10-31 Jeremy AllisonHandle the disk full error case correctly.
2007-10-31 Jeremy AllisonEnsure we don't prematurely clean out the bytes read.
2007-10-30 Jeremy AllisonAdd new parameter, "min receivefile size" (by default set
2007-10-30 Jeremy AllisonMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of ssh://
2007-10-30 Jeremy AllisonOur userlevel SMBwriteX call is non-standard in that it
2007-10-30 Jeremy AllisonMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of ssh://
2007-10-30 Stefan Metzmacherstart smbd, nmbd and winbindd with the same startup...
2007-10-30 Jeremy AllisonForgot to add recvfile.c
2007-10-30 Jeremy AllisonAdd in the recvfile entry to the VFS layer with a default
2007-10-29 Jeremy AllisonFix the setup_kaddr() call to cope with IPv6.
2007-10-29 Jeremy AllisonChange our DNS code to cope with AAAA records. A6 records
2007-10-28 Volker LendeckeEnable vfs objects = /full/path/to/
2007-10-28 Jeremy AllisonChange all occurrences of zero_addr(&ss,AF_INET) to
2007-10-27 Jeremy AllisonFix zero_addr(&ip, INADDR_ANY); -> zero_addr(&ip, AF_INET)
2007-10-27 Volker LendeckeTwo patches
2007-10-27 Stefan Metzmacherrerun make idl
2007-10-27 metzeadd NDR_ERR_INVALID_POINTER
2007-10-27 Jeremy AllisonEnsure temporary memory is freed - pointed out by ...
2007-10-26 Jeremy AllisonFix popt bool problems (need POPT_ARG_NONE, not POPT_AR...
2007-10-26 Jeremy AllisonMove the horrible hack for link local addresses out...
2007-10-26 Jeremy AllisonFix a few more sockaddr -> sockaddr_storgage.
2007-10-26 Stefan Metzmacherone more struct in_addr => struct sockaddr_storage
2007-10-26 Jeremy AllisonFix bug in writing names into gencache
2007-10-26 Jeremy AllisonFix resolve name to resolve IPv6 addresses of link...
2007-10-26 Jeremy AllisonFix a mismatched interface where we were using
2007-10-26 Jeremy AllisonFix cast typo - would have broken all dgram sends.
2007-10-26 Jeremy AllisonFixed missing in_addr -> sockaddr_storage conversion...
2007-10-26 Jeremy AllisonFix reversed bool check for access. Found by kukks.
2007-10-25 Jeremy AllisonMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of ssh://
2007-10-25 Jeremy AllisonWhen doing reverse lookups actually look up the name...
2007-10-25 Jeremy AllisonTry and fix the Solaris build by adding a missing define
2007-10-25 Jeremy AllisonEnsure we don't terminate if we fail to bind to a socket,
2007-10-25 metze[libreplace] define AI_NUMERICSERV as it's used in...
2007-10-25 metze[libreplace] move and fix getaddrinfo configure checks
2007-10-25 metze- include getaddrinfo.h after we have defined struct...
2007-10-25 metze[libreplace] if we replace types define the HAVE_<type...
2007-10-25 metze[libreplace] move definition of struct addrinfo so...
2007-10-25 metze[libreplace] move define of a constant to near to the...
2007-10-25 metze[libreplace] include socket_wrapper.h after we have...
2007-10-24 Jeremy AllisonDon't terminate on an invalid address family.
2007-10-24 Jeremy AllisonWe do support name lookups for host and service in...
2007-10-24 Jeremy AllisonThis is a large patch (sorry). Migrate from struct...
2007-10-24 Jeremy AllisonFix for AIX interface code from Kyle Stemen <kstemen...
2007-10-24 Stefan Metzmacherhandle wellknown sids in winbindd_passwd.c