Fix up runlist botchup.
[ira/wip.git] / testsuite /
2002-01-19 Andrew BartlettFix up runlist botchup.
2002-01-18 Andrew BartlettUpdate the build farm's test runlist and make it a...
2001-12-10 Martin PoolAdd a panic action that tries to call gdb noninteractiv...
2001-12-10 Andrew Tridgellswitch off level 100 debug for server security
2001-11-27 Andrew Tridgellup the log level for server level security to try to...
2001-11-27 Andrew Tridgelldon't use /dev/null for a smbpasswd file
2001-11-26 Andrew BartlettFix up the build farm again.
2001-11-26 Tim PotterAllow lookup of users with spaces in their name.
2001-11-23 Tim PotterFixed bug in canned results list for checking the error...
2001-11-22 Martin PoolRename $pwd to $test_root to avoid future confusion.
2001-11-20 Martin PoolBack out the change in 1.11 that set the poorly-named...
2001-11-19 Martin PoolAlso show $tree in diagnostics.
2001-11-14 Martin PoolGive sensible defaults to some variables that are set...
2001-11-14 Martin PoolLittle note about what's happening with Satyr.
2001-11-14 Martin PoolDoc.
2001-09-24 Andrew BartlettIf we disable hostname lookups we can at least get...
2001-09-20 Andrew BartlettFix up the test for some of the quirkier hosts on the...
2001-09-20 Andrew BartlettAdd and modify some of the various tests I have had...
2001-09-12 Tim PotterFixed typo.
2001-09-09 Christopher R. HertelTypo fix per Vance on IRC.
2001-08-05 Tim PotterAnother winbind test - fill in later.
2001-07-11 Andrew BartlettSome minor doco on what the build_farm dir does
2001-07-08 Andrew BartlettUpdate tests, start testing password server code, now...
2001-07-05 Andrew BartlettAllow us to vary the log-level, so we can run at level...
2001-07-05 Andrew Tridgelladded line-feed at end of templates
2001-07-03 Andrew BartlettRunning torture-RANDOMIPC on the build farm doesn't...
2001-07-02 Andrew BartlettFix the torture test, we had the wrong file-name in...
2001-07-02 Andrew BartlettWe need strict locking to pass LOCK4
2001-07-02 Andrew BartlettStart of smbtorture based testing. Not all of smbtortu...
2001-06-28 Andrew Tridgellfixed guest account for build farm boxes
2001-06-27 Andrew BartlettJigger around with the tests a bit more
2001-06-27 Andrew BartlettAdd the generic funcions file for the basicsmb tests
2001-06-27 Andrew BartlettChanged some of the tests around, made failures for...
2001-06-26 Andrew BartlettAdded the basic tests of smb functionality for HEAD
2001-05-17 Tim PotterTest login using and group membership.
2001-05-15 Tim PotterFixed lookup of entire /etc/{passwd,group} file line.
2001-05-09 Tim PotterCleaned up bitrot in nsswitch testsuite. Merged tests...
2001-03-09 Richard SharpeBulk add of the test suite for libsmbclient ...
2001-01-11 David O'NeillChanges from APPLIANCE_HEAD:
2000-12-12 David O'NeillBrief documentation on using the virtual printer code
2000-12-12 Tim PotterFix error string.
2000-12-08 Tim PotterCompile fixes for changes in make_sec_desc() interface.
2000-12-04 Tim PotterFixed some debugging code.
2000-11-16 David O'NeillChanges from APPLIANCE_HEAD:
2000-11-14 David O'NeillChanges from APPLIANCE_HEAD:
2000-09-01 David O'NeillChanges from APPLIANCE_HEAD (per Tim Potter):
2000-08-14 Tim PotterMerge.
2000-08-14 Tim PotterNT printer permissions test program.
2000-07-24 Tim PotterTest for reloading smb.conf after SIGHUP. Needs to...
2000-07-06 Tim Potterse_access_check() tests.
2000-06-30 Tim PotterAdded more args to smbclient wrapper - there's probably...
2000-06-23 Tim PotterDon't return a value for a void function.
2000-06-23 Tim PotterTest harness stuff for compiling things.
2000-06-23 Tim PotterTests for new security context stuff.
2000-05-24 Tim PotterStart of test blurb.
2000-05-24 Tim PotterTest transfer of large random file w/o corruption.
2000-05-24 Tim PotterFix to return buffer output properly.
2000-05-24 Tim PotterTest various operations on ipc$ share.
2000-05-24 Tim PotterTestharness for masktest program.
2000-05-24 Tim PotterTest wildcard rename function.
2000-05-24 Tim PotterEnvironment variables for single server test scripts.
2000-05-24 Tim PotterRoutines for driving smbclient from DejaGnu.
2000-05-12 Tim PotterMerge from TNG.