Add a panic action that tries to call gdb noninteractively to get a
[ira/wip.git] / swat /
2001-09-24 Motonobu Takahashiadded SWAT i18n support files for Japanese and Turkish
2001-06-21 Gerald Cartermerge from 2.2
2001-05-15 Tim PotterRemoved reference to obsolete listproc address.
2000-11-07 Herb Lewissync with 2.2 changes
2000-11-02 John TerpstraAdded Using Samba book reference back into welcome...
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgellfixed a typo
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgelladd winbind manual in SWAT welcome page
1999-12-13 Andrew Tridgellfirst pass at updating head branch to be to be the...
1998-12-05 Andrew Tridgellreplaced the icons in SWAT with real icons
1998-11-27 Andrew Tridgell- removed smb.conf.5.html as it now comes as part of...
1998-11-26 Andrew Tridgellupdated SWAT README to remove cgi-bin instructions
1998-11-21 Andrew Tridgellglobal change from to
1998-11-14 Jeremy AllisonUpdated from smb.conf.5.html
1998-11-12 Andrew Tridgellno longer needed
1998-11-12 Andrew Tridgellchanged the fonts in the images a bit to be readable...
1998-11-12 Herb Lewismissed one
1998-11-12 Herb Lewissmaller images so they fit on one line of a 640/480...
1998-11-12 Andrew Tridgellremove my name from welcome page so I don't get mail...
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonChanged the welcome comments to look more like a releas...
1998-11-11 Herb Lewisnew swat icons
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonSwat now uses the auto-generated smb.conf.5.html.
1998-11-11 Herb Lewisswat.c updated to use new yodl generated smb.conf.5...
1998-09-02 Andrew Tridgellchanged ref to samba.gif to use /swat/ prefix
1998-09-01 Andrew TridgellMatthew is no longer wokring on SWAT
1998-09-01 Andrew Tridgellspruced up SWAT a bit - it now uses the new Samba logo...
1998-05-05 Herb Lewisadded definitions for "password chat debug" and "unix...
1998-05-01 Herb Lewishere is a first cut at a "fixed up" help file
1998-03-21 John TerpstraGetting ready for first Red Hat Linux RPMs for 1.9...
1998-03-15 Andrew Tridgellupdated the images
1998-03-15 Andrew Tridgella smaller background
1998-03-14 Andrew Tridgelladded a background image based on Pauls SAMBA logo...
1998-03-14 Andrew Tridgellupdated blurb some more
1998-03-14 Andrew Tridgellupdated blurb
1998-03-14 Andrew Tridgellput in the longer welcome blurb
1998-03-14 Andrew Tridgelladded another pathetic looking icon
1998-03-14 Andrew Tridgellupdated to give instructions on running via cgi-bin
1998-03-12 Andrew Tridgella brief description of how to install and run SWAT
1998-03-12 Andrew Tridgellsome initial help and images files for swat