*id_to_*id call reshape to return NTSTATUS errors
[ira/wip.git] / source3 / sam / idmap.c
2003-05-01 Simo Sorce*id_to_*id call reshape to return NTSTATUS errors
2003-04-30 Simo Sorceauto-init for utility functions
2003-04-29 Simo Sorceconsolidate idmap code in one place
2003-04-27 Simo Sorcemake winbind use idmap as well.
2003-04-26 Simo Sorceadd idmap only parameter
2003-04-19 Simo Sorcefixes
2003-04-16 Andrew BartlettNTSTATUS strings are much more use than raw numbers...
2003-04-08 Simo Sorcesome more debugging in case of failure
2003-04-06 Simo Sorcefix commit
2003-04-02 Simo SorceTHE Idmap patch :-)
2003-03-08 Simo Sorcemore on idmap
2003-03-08 Simo Sorcesome more code
2003-03-07 Simo Sorceinitial work for the new idmpa interface