This comment no longer applies.
[ira/wip.git] / source3 / passdb / secrets.c
2001-12-04 Andrew BartlettThis comment no longer applies.
2001-11-24 Andrew Tridgelladded "net join" command
2001-11-17 Jeremy AllisonTidyups when I was doing the big merge...
2001-09-17 Simo Sorcemove to SAFE_FREE()
2001-09-06 Andrew Tridgellgot rid of USE_TDB_MMAP_FLAG as its not needed any...
2001-08-24 Herb Lewisget rid of compiler warnings
2001-07-30 Jeremy AllisonAdded "use mmap" for HPUX.
2001-07-04 Andrew TridgellThe big character set handling changeover!
2001-06-06 Jeremy AllisonChanges to use new genrand code that got missed while...
2001-06-04 Andrew Tridgelluse LDSHFLAGS not -shared in several places
2001-04-08 Jeremy AllisonGot "medieval on our ass" about adding the -1 to slprintf.
2001-02-14 Tim PotterMerge ... i18n fixes from appliance branch. Samba...
2001-01-11 David O'NeillChanges from APPLIANCE_HEAD:
2000-12-06 Gerald Carterupdates to the tdbsam implementation.
2000-11-27 Jeremy Allisonpassdb/secrets.c passdb/smbpassfile.c smbd/server.c...
2000-11-21 Gerald CarterAnother large patch for the passdb rewrite.
2000-07-10 Tim PotterFixes for various compile warnings on Solaris 8.
2000-06-03 Andrew Tridgellmoved secrets handling into secrets.c
2000-05-29 Matthew ChapmanFixed LsaQueryInformationPolicy level 3 to return prima...
2000-05-15 Jeremy Allisonpassdb/secrets.c: Fix typo in comment.
2000-05-08 Jeremy AllisonSomeone :-) forgot to add secrets.c to HEAD.