*id_to_*id call reshape to return NTSTATUS errors
[ira/wip.git] / source3 / nsswitch / winbindd_sid.c
2003-05-01 Simo Sorce*id_to_*id call reshape to return NTSTATUS errors
2003-04-27 Simo Sorcemake winbind use idmap as well.
2003-01-09 Martin PoolCorrect misleading comment: winbindd_lookupname gets...
2002-07-31 Andrew BartlettWinbind updates!
2002-06-18 Simo Sorcemore debug classess activated
2002-06-10 Andrew BartlettRemove "sids.h" as it really wasn't being used anywhere...
2002-03-22 Tim PotterMake debug statment less confusing.
2002-03-20 Tim PotterMerge of Richard's lookupsid fix.
2002-02-27 Andrew Tridgellthis allows us to support foreign SIDs in winbindd...
2002-01-30 Tim PotterRemoved version number from file header.
2002-01-26 Andrew BartlettChange the winbind interface to use seperate 'domain...
2002-01-20 Andrew BartlettThis patch makes the 'winbind use default domain' code...
2001-12-05 Jeremy AllisonFixed parse_domain_user to be bool.
2001-12-03 Andrew Tridgelladded name_to_sid to the backend
2001-05-14 Tim PotterCompile fixes for dynamic samr_query_userinfo() stuff.
2001-05-10 Tim PotterUse sid_peek_rid() instead of sid_split_rid().
2001-05-07 Tim PotteriAdditional files for winbind merge.