tldap: Don't fire off more than one read_ldap request during searches
[ira/wip.git] / source3 / lib / tldap.c
2009-06-27 Volker Lendecketldap: Don't fire off more than one read_ldap request...
2009-06-20 Volker LendeckeReorganize retrieving errors and server-sent controls
2009-06-20 Volker LendeckeMove asn1_load_nocopy() to lib/util/asn1.c
2009-06-20 Volker LendeckeMove asn1_blob() to lib/util/asn1.c
2009-06-20 Volker Lendecketldap control support
2009-06-20 Volker LendeckePrepare control support
2009-06-20 Volker LendeckeFix empty lines
2009-06-19 Volker LendeckeAdd a missing talloc_move() in tldap_search_recv
2009-06-19 Volker LendeckeMake tevent_req_is_ldap_error public
2009-06-19 Volker LendeckeAdd tldap_context_[gs]etattr
2009-06-12 Volker LendeckeAdd basic tracing of tldap messages
2009-06-12 Volker LendeckeAdd debugging facility to tldap, analogous to tevent
2009-06-07 Volker LendeckeFix syntax of sending a delete request
2009-06-06 Volker LendeckeAdd the early start of an async ldap library