r24560: rename some DCERPC_ prefixes into NDR_
[ira/wip.git] / source / pidl / lib / Parse / Pidl / Samba4 / NDR / Client.pm
2007-10-10 Stefan Metzmacherr24560: rename some DCERPC_ prefixes into NDR_
2007-10-10 Stefan Metzmacherr24557: rename 'dcerpc_table_' -> 'ndr_table_'
2007-10-10 Stefan Metzmacherr24551: rename dcerpc_interface_table -> ndr_interface_...
2007-10-10 Jelmer Vernooijr14867: Include <stdbool.h> in external compiles
2007-10-10 Jelmer Vernooijr14687: Start working on support for represent_as(...
2007-10-10 Jelmer Vernooijr14491: Allow building more output outside of the Samba...
2007-10-10 Jelmer Vernooijr14470: Remove some unnecessary headers.
2007-10-10 Stefan Metzmacherr14455: also add the:
2007-10-10 Jelmer Vernooijr14402: Generate seperate headers for RPC client functions.
2007-10-10 Stefan Metzmacherr14105: fix whitespaces
2007-10-10 Jelmer Vernooijr12463: Rename 'Samba' namespace to 'Samba4'